The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 473

Chapter 473 On Purpose

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“Then I’ll wait till I regret it, but as of now, I am still adamant on seeking leave from school to act in a movie,” Lu Man said, “Also, what I’m acting in is not a web-film with low budget, but it’s Director Ji Cheng’s movie.”

“Ji Cheng?” The counselor was stunned for a bit, then finally remembered who Ji Cheng was, and sneered disdainfully, “I heard that he wanted to direct and act in a movie himself, he’s just a B-list actor, what kind of movie can he film? Just filming some rough work to get some box office ticket sales. As long as the investment is low, he can earn quite a lot of money.”

The counselor grumbled unhappily, “The people these days are greedy and have no morals, treating the audience as fools.”

“Professor Chen, you don’t know anything, so how can you come up with these assumptions?” Lu Man could not stand it anymore.

To produce a high-quality movie, Ji Cheng spend most of the investment on production and did not find those famous celebrities with a lot of fans, his thoughts could be seen through this act.

If he really wanted to earn easy money, he could have spent more money to hire those popular celebrities who will bring large box office sales, why would he need to go through the trouble!

Lu Man found it to be unfair for Ji Cheng; there were a few people like the counselor mentioned just now, but one cannot slander Ji Cheng without any evidence because of those people!

Slander a person who was putting his heart into filming!

“Why can’t I do it? Otherwise, what else can he film? What is the difference between this and the low-budget movies I mentioned before?” The counselor was a bit smug. “As expected, I guessed correctly, look at the kind of show you’re filming, and then look at the show Zhang Xiaoying is filming? Don’t think that it’s great because it’s a movie offer. A low budget movie is far from a drama that is meticulously produced! A low budget movie and a big production National University IP TV series, how can it be compared? And you’re still blaming me for being unfair?”

Originally the impression the counselor had of Lu Man was quite good, but now it was totally ruined.

“Xiao Chen, if you have something to say, then say it properly, don’t get agitated.” The other counselors in the office tried to convince Professor Chen.

“She’s still a student, so of course she’s a bit more impatient, just talk to her slowly and convince her properly, she’ll understand.”

“Yes, Lu Man, your counselor is doing this for your own good, all the students who come to the Film Academy’s performing class want to film and become famous. You’re anxious, and you want to grab onto any opportunity, we understand, but you’re still young, and you don’t know many things, so listen to your counselor.”

“Thank you, teachers, but I’ve already agreed to Director Ji Cheng, he has already pushed back filming for two days because of me, and I can’t tell him at this important juncture that I won’t film, won’t that be causing trouble for him? It was also Director Sun Yiwu who came looking for me personally, asking for a favor about this. Furthermore, I believe in Director Ji Cheng, he’ll film a good movie.” Lu Man was pleased with the goodwill of the other teachers.

Everyone was shocked, they did not think that it was Sun Yiwu who had personally asked her.

If it was like that, she had to go after she agreed!

But even though they thought that, in the end, Professor Chen was the counselor for Lu Man’s class, it wasn’t good for them to interfere.

When Counselor Chen heard it, her expression fell apart.

Was Lu Man doing it on purpose!

Before this, Lu Man did not say anything at all and just said that she was going to film a movie.

She had just said that it was a low budget movie when Lu Man only mentioned Ji Cheng.

But Ji Cheng was really only a B-list actor, and when she just expressed that Ji Cheng could not film a good movie Lu Man mentioned Sun Yiwu.

With Sun Yiwu as guarantor, then this whole thing was not the same anymore!

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