The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 474

Chapter 474 If You Want To Film Then Quit School

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Was Lu Man purposely embarrassing her!

She was making her embarrassed in front of so many colleagues!

Before this, she had really been blind, honestly feeling that Lu Man was a good student.

"Who knows if what you said about Sun Yiwu finding you is true or not!" Dont just use Sun Yiwu as a cover!

He was a well-renowned director, why would he need to ask her a favor from her personally?

How highly did she think of herself!

With Sun Yiwus reputation, who could he not find that he had to seek Lu Man?

Even if it were Gao Zishan, she would need to show respect to Sun Yiwu!

The counselor found her thinking to be very logical.

Lu Man was really so furious that she laughed in anger.

How could there be such an arrogant person?

The Professor Li at the Drama Academy was just like this, and now even this Counselor Chen!

After her own thoughts and ideas were rebutted by Lu Man, she started to doubt Lu Mans character!

She even dared to accuse her of lying!

The rest of the teachers exchanged glances, even they felt like Teacher Chen had gone a bit too far.

Counselor Chen sneered, "if you really want to film so much, fine! Then dont come to school anymore, quit school, when you go back home, you can film whatever you want, and whenever you want, theres no need to abide by the rules of the school, no one would be controlling you, you can do anything you want!"

You want to film?

Quit school!

Enraged, Lu Man had a dark smile on her face and snickered, "Zhang Xiaoying doesnt need to follow the school rules, but when it comes to me, I must follow it? If you want to use the school rules to talk about it, then everyone must follow it, and I wont complain. But if theres such preferential treatment, and you still act like its right, then Im not willing to let it go! We are all students of this school, you want to help Zhang Xiaoying, I dont have any opinion on that, but you cant help her and step on me."

What did Lu Man mean when she said Professor Chen was helping Zhang Xiaoying?

"What is it? I heard the argument in the office from very far away." Professor Yao came in and looked at the anxious atmosphere in confusion.

"Professor Yao," Counselor Chen jeered, "Earlier, you were praising Lu Man quite a lot, but from what I see today, shes not like that at all!"

"What is going on here?" Professor Yao was still not clear about what was going on.

"Back then she attended the classes just for a few days before applying for a two days leave as someone in her family was sick, I understood it and granted her the leave. And now, when she reported back after her leave, she again wants some leave to film a movie! Im suspicious now, if she really went to take care of a sick family member before this, or she went to contact people about filming the movie," the counselor pointed at Lu Man and insulted, "The school has always had a rule that if the student is not in his or her third year, they cannot film and since I declined, she started to cause trouble for me!"

"Professor Chen, we need to make things clear. Its not that Im causing trouble for you, I just want a reason. Zhang Xiaoying is also filming and came to ask for leave from you, and in front of me, you didnt ask for more details and just allowed it. So, I want a reason, I want you to be fair, this isnt too much, right? You said that because Zhang Xiaoying is quite famous, you agreed to it, then what are the schools regulations? You allowed her because she is cast in a big show, but I was also personally asked by Director Sun Yiwu, and I am going to act in Director Ji Chengs movie. However, you were adamant on criticizing him for being a B-list celebrity and emphasized that his work wont be up to the mark. I honestly cant accept this reason."

Professor Yao found it to be a mess when he heard Lu Mans side.

What was Professor Chen doing!

There were special exceptions in the school, but it was all secretly done, who would do it in front of a student?

Isnt this leaving blackmail material for other people?

And she still said Ji Cheng was a B-list celebrity?

It was true that based on popularity, he was a B-lister, but he did not have any scandals, nor did film bad movies, he used his own talent to get to his current status, how could it be something that an ordinary second rate actor achieve?

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