The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 489

Chapter 489 Lu Man Did A Good Job Hitting Him

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"Alright then," Lu Qi pretended to bite the bullet and said begrudgingly. She even pretended to be very kind and considerate. "I can understand your difficulties too. It shall be 1.5 million yuan then. Please try to put as much of the remaining money as you can on the production."

She made it sound like it truly because of her goodwill.

Ji Cheng scoffed inwardly, but his voice still remained normal, unable to tell any difference. It felt like he was really having a very happy and pleasant talk with her. "Sure, thank you so much for understanding. Ill get the lawyer to draft up a new contract right now and mail it to you."

"Theres no need to go through so much trouble. How would I not believe you? I will directly fly over to the crew and sign it on the spot."

"No, no, please dont. For something so big, it will be better to settle it properly. After you and your manager take a look at the contract and think that its all fine, you can sign it then. Dont come all the way here only to realize that theres a problem with the contract and then refuse to shoot," Ji Cheng said with a slight helpless taunting.

Lu Qi laughed dryly. "Sure then, anyway, its up to you to decide when to start shooting. Im just called you to ask you about this. Coincidentally, another television show has also sent me their script today but since Ive already agreed to you, I still wanted to confirm it with you again. Since everythings fine here with you, Ill be rejecting that show."

Ji Cheng acted like he was pleased with Lu Qi. "Hey, weve already settled this, you cant reject my show. Were just waiting for you to join the crew."

"Please dont worry."

After hanging up the phone, Ji Cheng giggled happily and asked, "How was it? I acted pretty well, right?"

"You are really talented." Lu Man happily gave him a thumbs up. He had even easily made Lu Qi ditch another show that she managed to get after much effort.

The next day, Lu Man officially joined the production team and started shooting.

The few friends that Ji Cheng had found were experienced and talented actors. While their fan base wasnt as shocking as those recently famous young actors, their acting skills were legit solid, and they had an exceptionally good reputation.

Therefore, many realistic shows and movies gave them offers so that they could guarantee viewership.

During the period Lu Man was in this crew, she had learned quite a lot from all these experienced and talented actors.

A week after Lu Man joined the crew, on Saturday, Han Zhuofeng went to the old mansion.

"Grandma!" Han Zhuofeng called excitedly the moment he entered.

"Oh my, hurry, come here, come here," Old Madam Han greeted happily. "Whats the matter? Why are you so happy?"

"Hehehe, let me show you something good." Han Zhuofeng sneakily scooted over and stealthily took out his mobile phone from his pocket.

Old Madam Han: ""

Looking at his stealthy behavior, why did it look like he was someone who illegally sold pirated movies on the streets?

As he sneakily and furtively moved closer, he looked around his surroundings and finally said softly, "Do you want to see something good?"

Han Zhuofeng was behaving exactly like a dealer!

"What are you doing! Look at how sneaky and suspiciously youre behaving!" Old Madam Han scolded unhappily.

Han Zhuofeng was stunned. All of a sudden, why was he being despised by Old Madam Han?

However, he didnt mind it either. He opened the video on his mobile phone and showed it to Old Madam Han. "Grandma, look! Lu Man is brutally beating the cr*p out of her ex-boyfriend!"

"Oh?" Old Madam Han hurriedly took the phone over.

As she watched, Han Zhuofeng explained to her from the side and told her why Lu Man was hitting him.

After Old Madam Han saw it, she enjoyed it thoroughly and felt very satisfied. She then praised Lu Man. "Lu Man did a good job bashing him! Such evil, imbecile men deserve to be hit! The women in our family have to be this strong and powerful!"

"" The corner of Han Zhuofengs eye twitched a little. "Grandma, arent you afraid that Lu Man would engage in domestic violence in the future? What if she used her martial art skills on my older brother?"

"She wont. Your brother isnt some jerk like her ex-boyfriend either. He never did anything to let Lu Man down. Why would Lu Man even hit him for nothing?" If you treat Lu Man well and are honest with your intentions, then you wont have to suffer any beatings.

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