The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 491

Chapter 491 Getting Played

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"Its not here yet?" Xia Qingyang was a little stunned. "Thats weird, it has already been so many days, even the slowest courier would have already sent it by now. Besides, that is a contract! Wouldnt they have used a more reliable courier?"

Lu Qi murmured anxiously, "What if Ji Cheng is playing with me? For his movie, Ive already rejected the television show. I havent filmed anything for such a long time. After much effort, I finally got a television show. If not for his movie, I would have taken it long ago!"

If she didnt have the movie and lost the television too, what would happen!

Xia Qingyang was getting worried too. "Do you think that hes taking revenge on you? You suddenly asked to increase your pay right before you enter the production crew, so he must be intentionally keeping you hanging, causing you to lose so much?"

Lu Qis expression turned fierce. "Thats because you requested it!"

The more Lu Qi thought about it, the angrier she became. "Its all your fault! Why did you ask for a pay hike out of nowhere? Youve ruined a perfectly good opportunity! You said that if you become my manager, we could save some costs and you would also have something to do too and that you wont have to be disconnected from the rest of society by staying at home and get despised by Dad. Great, I agreed with you, but you cant even do this properly! If I knew about this earlier, no matter what you said, I wouldnt have agreed to let you become my manager! You cant do anything, and you know nothing, but you have to pretend to be so capable. If you dont know anything, can you at least not create a mess for me!"

On the other hand, Xia Qingyang was adamant on not admitting her mistake. "What are you saying? Arent I doing all this for you own good? Who knew that Ji Cheng would turn out to be so terrible? Besides, nothing is confirmed right now, why are you blowing up at me! You were dumb for rejecting that television show so soon, yet you still have the cheek to blame me?"

"Mom! When can you actually help me instead of creating more problems for me!" Lu Qi stomped her feet in anger, she was really fatigued from the stress. "Tell me, what exactly have you done right recently! When have you not create more problems for me? Because of you, my reputation has only gotten worse and worse!"

Lu Qi couldnt understand it either. In the past, her mother was a rather smart person. Otherwise, she wouldnt have been able to snatch her father from Xia Qingwei and keep him tied securely to her.

Why did she change so much recently?

Actually, it wasnt that Xia Qingyang had changed a lot, but rather Lu Man was really too tough of a competitor.

Lu Qi was in a pensive mood. It seemed that since she intended to harm Lu Man and send her to jail, nothing good ever happened to them, and instead, Lu Man only became more and more successful.

This was crazy!

"I have to go out for a bit." Lu Qi didnt even bother with any disguise like sunglasses or a face mask.

Haha. Anyway, even if she put on make-up now and left right now, no one would be able to recognize her either.

Lu Qi thought sarcastically, mocking herself.

She then went to He Zhengbais work studio. Even though He Zhengbai was in his first years of his Masters, he already had his own studio. His family had invested in it, letting him shoot some films.

"Brother He." When Lu Qi entered He Zhengbais office, she saw him busy reading a script.

"Qi Qi." He Zhengbai raised his head up and waved at her.

"Brother He, what happened to your face?" Lu Qi was shocked to see the bruises, patches of blue and green smattered across He Zhengbais face.

Although the bruises looked a little paler and werent as swollen as before, it was still rather frightening.

"Hmph!" He Zhengbai huffed angrily. "Its all because of Lu Man. Shes going to Film Academy now. That day, I was just on my way to school and saw her. Yet who knew that she couldnt let go about us getting together and started hitting and kicking me. I couldnt do anything back in front of so many people either."

"She went too overboard!" Lu Qi touched his face, feeling sad and heartache. "Is it still painful now?"

"Its alright." He Zhengbai held onto Lu Qis soft hand. "It just looks frightening."

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