The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 641

Chapter 641 Back To School

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After she expressed her gratitude, Lu Man quickly called Liu Chuanhui.

"Lu Man, ah." Liu Chuanhui instantly guessed it to be Lu Man before even seeing the contact on his phone, and he knew that Lu Man must be calling him concerning the post on Weibo.

"Teacher Liu, why did you do that? If they are coming at me, let them. If you try to intervene this, youll also come under their fire."

"Theres nothing to be scared of. Im not in the movie circle anyway. This time, I was just helping out Lao Ji by acting in Red Tiger. Even if Im really banned from movies, I can just return to act in stage plays. I was originally doing that anyway." Liu Chuanhui chuckled. "Anyway, with Lao Ji and Lao Sun, no matter what, I can get my daily bread. After all, Zhang Lun and those few people cant control the whole world, right?"

Feeling grateful for his support and care, Lu Man thanked him wholeheartedly.

"This time, Xiao Zhang did not come out to speak because I stopped him, dont have a misunderstanding." Zhang Lun explained. "Im already at this kind of age, so Im not scared of what trouble comes my way. But its different for Xiao Zhang, hes still young and needs to grow in his career, so he cant offend many people. With his egalitarian principles and short temper towards injustice, when Zhang Lun and the rest targeted you, he was about to leap to your defenses, but it was I who stopped him. When it comes to these malicious attacks, let us, experienced people, defend the frontline for you."

"I know, dont worry," Lu Man hurriedly said.

Yet Liu Chuanhui still tried to convince her to not take it to heart. It was obvious from his tone that Liu Chuanhui had seen how the box office collection had not increased much even after so many days and was thus worried for Lu Man.

Moreover, everyone had been poking fun at her today, and even Liu Chuanhui felt that the box office collection could not increase anymore.

After all, it had already reached its peak, and Red Tiger was already a blockbuster so the total box office collection could be considered to have maxed out.

Honestly, it was very rare for a movie to be a blockbuster, let alone dream of achieving this result after they had just premiered.

Although he knew that Lu Man had said that Red Tigers box office collection would explode on the day Attack Force premiers, Liu Chuanhui thought otherwise; he felt that even if the box office collection increased, it wouldnt be to the extent of an explosion.

Right now, Lu Man did not explain more, she just patiently listened to what Liu Chuanhui had to say.

After all, Liu Chuanhui was doing it out of goodwill, and they would have to wait to see the results, anyway.

Since she had been busy on the call, only after hanging up did Lu Man realize that the school was very crowded today.

Several third and fourth-year students who had been on a leave had returned to the school and thus it seemed crowded suddenly.

"Should we go or not?"

"I dont know, what does Lu Man think?"

"Isnt it inappropriate for us to go?"

Lu Man heard Zheng Yuanshi, Pan Xue and Han Leilei muttering anxiously but she did not know what they were discussing.

"What are you three discussing?" Lu Man patted Zheng Yuanshis shoulder.

The next moment, Zheng Yuanshi and the two of them all looked over in surprise. "You dont know?"

Seeing Lu Mans reaction, it seemed like she really did not know anything at all.

"What is it that I dont know?" Lu Man asked, not understanding what they were talking about.

"Our school invited Bourbotte and the main leads of Attack Force, Berkeley, and Susanna, over. They are going to conduct a workshop in the lecture hall and teach a few directing and acting skills. Most of the direction and performing arts major students have gone to attend the session. Also, many third and fourth year seniors have come back as well."

"So we were considering as to whether we should go and take a look," Han Leilei said.

After all, Bourbotte and his team being at loggerheads with Lu Man, if they happily went to the session, wouldnt it be like they were disloyal and ditching Lu Man?

Actually, even Principal Liu was on tenterhooks.

Before Bourbotte and his team finalized and published their schedule a month ago, Principal Liu had already invited Bourbotte and his team two months ago, hoping that in between their promotion they could conduct a workshop at National Film Academy.

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