The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 646

Chapter 646 Left The Lecture Hall

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"Some classmates could not stand it and directly left from the lecture hall."

Once a student left, others would follow too and honestly Bourbette was full of himself, looking down his nose at others. Instead of teaching the students, he kept treating them like idi*ts.

Staying there was really a waste of their time, so why not go away and do something productive.

Thus, after the first person left, there was a second and a third person leaving.

Slowly, more and more students left the place.

The big lecture hall that initially had thousand people, was left with just two hundred to three hundred to 300 people, scattered around in the hall.

Among these two to three hundred people, at least half were the teachers and school authorities while the other half were actual students.

"Originally the whole place was packed with more than a hundred people standing for the lecture. That means there were more than 1000 people. Yet Bourbotte managed to drive away those thousand people with his boasting of Attack Force. His ability to offend people is quite good!" Han Leilei explained the situation after looking at the class group.

Lu Man also took out her phone and saw the chats along with Han Zhuoli.

The class group chat was filled with insulting comments at the moment.

"I couldnt stand it anymore, yet there were still a few staying there, how could they tolerate it?"

"I also could not tolerate it anymore, and thus escaped, but I took a photo at the entrance, take a look to see it for yourself."

In the photo, the large lecture hall only had a few people who decided to stay back.

"Hahaha, I looked carefully, it seems that there arent many students at all."

"Yes, the Head of the Department instantly called the class monitors who had to go back and attend the lecture. Moreover, left with no choice, the Head of the Departments could only call the professors to attend the lecture so that it wont look too bad."

"How can this be considered as not bad? Its already horrible. When I left, I saw that Bourbottes face had darkened."

"Bourbotte is crazy! No wonder the whole group in Red Tiger went up against Bourbotte and his entourage. Poking fun at us and despising us, these people are intolerable. Before this, I felt that Lu Man was trying to evoke patriotic feelings to do publicity for Red Tiger, but now I know that Lu Man wasnt wrong. She is prideful and protects her dignity, thus, of course, she would never be able to tolerate these crazy, arrogant people. I misunderstood Lu Man before this, I need to apologize to Lu Man."

"Yes, just thinking about those who revere and defend Bourbotte, trying to suck up to him, makes me want to puke. Those big directors and those literate people who claimed to have pride are just ganging up to attack Lu Man. Before this, I had really been brought by their words and disliked Lu Mans actions. But now I have found out that Lu Man was correct. Those people who try to suck up to Bourbette even after getting disparaged are too disgusting and have no dignity at all!"

"As for how were the things before, I dont care. From now on, I support Lu Man!"

"Originally I wanted to watch Attack Force, but now I have decided otherwise. Tomorrow, on Friday night, when Attack Force airs, Ill especially buy tickets for Red Tiger tomorrow to support it."

"I agree, count me in."

"Count me in too."

"Classmates, the direction major students have started cursing and roasting as well. A lot of them wanted to learn about Bourbottes experience, even if they could learn just one trick, it would have been good, yet in the end, all they did learn was how good Attack Force and Bourbette. Even they are fed up with his b*llsh*t and want to support Lu Man oppress Attack Force as well."

"This time, Lu Man wasnt wrong at all, yet those fickle-minded people are castigating her. No, I have to post this thing online, and I want to see if those people have the guts to attack Lu Man," Zhao Zilin said.

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