The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 657

Chapter 657 The Best Birthday Present

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Lu Man blinked in confusion.He even prepared his own birthday present?

Seeing her dazed and confused look, Han Zhuoli found it too adorable. Unable to hold back, he kissed her again.

They already had one round of public display of affection for the staff members.

Yet for them it was adorable to see a handsome man with a beautiful lady. Moreover, their public display of affection wasnt a sore eye to them.

Moreover, these two people were even worthy of the words "Eternal Beauty".

However, Han Zhuolis sudden kiss made everyone cover their eyes immediately.

Having a handsome man publicly display his affection made them feel pretty jealous too!

They were so jealous of his girlfriend!

"You getting engaged to me and becoming my fiance is the best birthday present for me." Han Zhuoli grinned, his eyes shining brightly.

The corner of Lu Mans mouth curled up in amusement.When did this man learn to be so romantic?

His words touched the depths of her heart.

The hearts of the staff who were watching their interaction broke in disappointment.

Why are all the great men in this world always someone elses boyfriend?

"But right now, Im already your fiance, so it doesnt count as a present anymore. Your birthday still has to be celebrated grandly," Lu Man said with a warm, affectionate smile on her face.

Thus, Han Zhuoli was rather looking forward for it now instead. Curious, he asked, "How do you plan to celebrate it for me?"

"I dont know. Didnt I just find out about your birthday?" Lu Man was smiling rather slyly.

This made Han Zhuoli suspect whether she had already planned it long ago.

Suddenly, Han Zhuoli opened the gift-wrapped ring package and put the ring onto

Lu Mans finger.

Seeing Lu Mans slender and fair finger wearing the engagement ring, Han Zhuoli felt blissful and elated. "It would be even better if you wore it on your fourth finger."

Making it a wedding ring.

Shop staff: ""

When would he be done with his public displays of affection?

Lu Man also took out the other ring and put it on for Han Zhuoli. "In the future, if any woman tried to get close to you, remember to show them your ring first."

Han Zhuoli couldnt help but burst out in laughter. If only the place they were at was not inappropriate, he would have really carried Lu Man up and kissed her passionately.

He then left the jewelry shop together with Lu Man. Although Han Zhuoli strode quickly with his long legs, he still paid attention to Lu Mans place, in case she was struggling to keep up.

Finally relieved, the female staff patted her chest. "They finally left, if they stayed any longer I might even think about breaking up with my boyfriend."

How did this young lady find such an amazing boyfriend?

The moment Han Zhuoli got into the car with Lu Man, he couldnt help but grab Lu Mans hand over and look at the ring, feeling over the moon.

He brought her hand to his lips and kissed the ring as well as her finger.

Even Lu Man felt a fuzzy feeling in her heart, finding it an altogether new experience.

In her past life, she was single until her death, she had never experienced the sweet feeling of being pampered and loved by someone, let alone getting engaged or even getting married.

But in this life, she was being so loved and spoiled by Han Zhuoli. After getting together with him, she had never gotten bullied once and he protected her so well.

This was the first time she found out that a man could actually pamper a woman so much. She was worried that she would be overly pampered by him one day.

The current confident, domineering Lu Man was only because of Han Zhuoli.

She didnt have to worry about anything anymore.

Moreover, now, she was even getting engaged to Han Zhuoli.

Even if they had yet to get married, she has already considered herself as Han Zhuolis wife.

Wearing the couple rings, the two of them entwined their fingers and held on tightly.

This feeling was really warm and amazing, indescribable!

Interlacing their fingers, Lu Man subconsciously tightened her hold, genuinely afraid that he would leave her or what not.

In her past life, she was betrayed by He Zhengbai but she only felt anger and not sadness. She even accepted the reality pretty quickly and got back on her feet again.

However, right now, even before anything were to happen, even if someone just told her that one day she would be separated from Han Zhuoli, she would undergo severe heart break to the point where she wouldnt be able to even breathe.

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