The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 658

Chapter 658 I Dont Dare To Think About A Life Without You

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"Whats wrong?" Sensing the change in her emotions, Han Zhuoli tightened his grip around her hand and pulled her over into an embrace.

Lu Man shook her head and suddenly wrapped her arms around his neck tightly, burying her face in the crook of his neck. "Its nothing, I just really like you so much to the point where I cant live without you. I really didnt think that it would turn out like this. It really scared me."

This sudden confession by this little girl made hit his heart fiercely.

Who knew that her thoughts would leave her feeling so scared.

Perhaps she didnt think that she would like him so much?

Han Zhuoli guffawed and squeezed Lu Man into his embrace even tighter. Turning his head, he imprinted a burning kiss near her eye.

"Is it that you remembered the moment when you first agreed to start dating me you yourself never expected a day like this?" Han Zhuoli asked, holding back his laugh.

Yet who knew that Lu Man would honestly admit it. "Mm."

Her honesty left Han Zhuoli stunned for a moment but the very next moment, he grabbed this little girls butt and smacked it a little. "All I did was ask but you really admitted it?"

Lu Man laughed softly. "Back then I thought that I would just try it out with you, but I firmly believed that I shouldnt give you all of my heart as it would be too dangerous to put all my heart out for you. After all, I had such bad experiences in my life."

"However, who could guarantee something like this? Honestly, my heart has long since been given to you, and I couldnt take back a little bit of it anymore. Since a long time ago, it no longer belonged to me, I completely couldnt control it. In fact, I dont even dare to think about a life without you."

"Then dont think about it." Han Zhuoli heard Lu Mans confession and couldnt hold back his happiness.

The pounding in his chest became more and more obvious, and a joyful laugh croaked out of his throat. "Because I will always be by your side."

He entwined his fingers with Lu Mans and gently rubbed his thumb over her ring as he lowered his head and pecked her cheeks.

His burning yet soft lips traced the path from the corner of her eye to her lips, slowly kissed away all the uneasiness in her heart.

Occasionally sucking on it gently, he deepened their kiss. Han Zhuolis heart was overwhelmed with happiness.

This little girl was his fiance from now onwards.

Even when Lu Man buried her face in his embrace, he still couldnt help but suck on her earlobe gently.

When the atmosphere in the car started getting steamier, Han Zhuolis suddenly rang, breaking the moment.

Picking it up, he saw that it was a call from Old Han mansion.

"Its definitely Old Mrs Han calling to hurry us up." Han Zhuoli broke into a smile and picked up the phone.

"Zhuoli, are you two done buying the rings?" As expected, it was Old Mrs Han calling to tell them to hurry up.

"Were done. Were just about to head back," Han Zhuoli said.

After he hung up the phone, he reluctantly let Lu Man sit in her seat. After starting the car, he couldnt help but hold onto Lu Mans hand again.

He was precisely holding onto Lu Mans left hand and his thumb frequently rubbed against the ring she was wearing on her middle finger.

Lu Man couldnt help but wonder if the person who invented the car back then had considered such a situation before?

The ladies would wear their wedding rings on their left hands and when the men drove the car on the left, they would be able to hold onto the ladys left hand.

Suddenly, Han Zhuoli pulled Lu Mans hand over and placed it on his lap, holding onto it tightly.

It was rather tiring to keep her hand stretched out all along but Lu Man was reluctant to pull back either.

Finally, when they returned to Old Han mansion. Han Zhuoli still had his fingers entwined with Lu Mans making Old Mrs Han even more happy.

"You bought it? Let me take a look," Old Mrs Han said, grinning ear to ear.

"We are already wearing it." Han Zhuoli lifted Lu Mans hand up. "Look."

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