The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 659

Chapter 659 Group Mocking

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"Good good good." Old Mrs Han was grinning widely ear-to-ear.

Brimming with pride, Han Zhuoli also showed his hand, flaunting his ring. "Man Man even bought one for me. Its a couple ring."

"Oh my gosh, why did you make Man Man spend her money!" Old Mrs Han was worried and a bit sad.

Her heart didnt ache when Han Zhuoli spent his money, but when Lu Man did, it hurt her heart instead.

"Grandma, I can still afford it now, theres no need to feel sad." Lu Man hurriedly explained.

"Thats right Grandma, shes is a rich lady now," Han Zhuofeng teased and explained, "Red Tigeris just about to break the 8 billion mark at the box office. From the looks of it now, as long asAttack Forcedoesnt stop screening, the audience will continue to support our local movies. Moreover, no matter how highRed Tigersbox office collection is, Lu Man would still get a share of it."

Old Mrs Han also remembered this matter. Back then, Lu Man had helped them out in dire times, thus to express his gratitude Ji Cheng had offered to give her a share of the profits.

In this case, Lu Man really could get a pretty decent share.

"It could really hit 8 billion? That much?" Xia Qingwei was rather unsure.

"It can. Its already at 7.6 billion today, it should probably hit 8 billion the day after tomorrow." Han Zhuofeng explained. "10 billion is impossible, but if they want to make a run for 9 billion, its still rather possible."

"Oh my gosh, now that I mentioned it, let me take a look at the box office forAttack Forcetoday." Han Zhuofeng took out his cell phone and opened the Pineapple Box Office app to check.

The next moment, he broke out into a big smile.

"Hows it? How much is it? How much isAttack Forcesbox office?" Old Mrs Han asked anxiously.

"Hehe." Han Zhuofeng chuckled. "It is really such a huge flop.Attack Forcestill had a box office over about 160 million yesterday, but today they only had a box office collection of 3 million. Their box office today could probably only hit 10 million. Its even bigger of a flop than when Fighting Hero first aired."

Hearing that, Lu Man broke into a smile too.

Today, she hadnt bothered checking and didnt even opened the WeChatRed Tigergroup.

However, now that she saw thatAttack Forcewas such a flop, she could rest assured.

She didnt know that right now, majority of the netizens had the same opinion too.

There were many enthusiastic and supportive netizens who would updateAttack Forcesreal-time box office regularly.

Also, many netizens had the same perspective as Lu Man. "Seeing thatAttack Forceis such a flop now, I can stop worrying now too."

Those who were dissing onRed Tiger, berating Lu Man, didnt dare to even come out of hiding and stayed quiet.

However, the netizens and several actors as well as the fans ofRed Tigerdidnt want to let them off so easily and thus left a comment on their Weibo page.

"Whats Director Zhang feeling right now?"

"Whats Director Lee feeling right now?"

"Come out Director Wang."

"Zhang Xiaoying, you are lucky to be Lu Mans classmate, you should really learn from her."

There were many other people in the industry who received similar comments on their page.

Just then, the doorbell of the Old Han mansion rang again.

Auntie He went to take a look and opened the door, she then turned around and informed Old Mrs Han and others. "Eldest Madam is here."

With a broad smile on her face, Lin Liye stepped in and greeted the two elders first. Seeing that Han Zhuofeng was there too, she smiled and said, "How come you had the time to come over here today too?"

"I do come here quite often," Han Zhuofeng said.

When Lin Liye saw Xia Qingwei and Lu Man who were strangers to her, she froze for a moment. "These two are"

The next moment, Xia Qingwei and Lu Man stood up politely and Old Mrs Han introduced them happily. "This are our in-laws. I called you over today because Zhuoli and Man Man are getting engaged.

"Huh?" Lin Liye was a little baffled.

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