The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 662

Chapter 662 Wang Qianyuns Arrival

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Even Han Zhuoli raised his chin slightly and said proudly, "Everything that is mine belongs to Man Man. After we get married, I will leave let Man Man manage my finances."

Han Xijin: ""

Shen Nuo: ""

Young brat, he hadnt even gotten married yet, still he was trying to appease his wife so much.

The engagement was decided to be held at the banquet hall in the mansion and even though they didnt go to a hotel or restaurant, Old Mrs. Han still got a chef to come over and Auntie Sun just helped out a little.

Once the engagement banquet was prepared, everyone sat down and started having their meal.

Yet, before they could sit for long, the doorbell rang.

Thus, Auntie Sun hurried over to take a look. Yet when she switched on the intercom, she saw an unknown young lady who appeared on the screen who looked rather pretty.

"May I know who you are?" Auntie Sun asked curiously.

"Hello, I am Wang Qianyun, a friend of Big Brother Han. Uncle Han knows me too. He is good friends with my uncle. Im here because my uncle told me that I pay a visit," Wang Qianyun said to the intercom.

Although she saw that the lady was rather beautiful and young, Auntie Sun still felt that something was amiss.

Moreover, she didnt know whether she was overthinking it, but she somehow felt like Wang Qianyuns tone was a little off.

Even though there wasnt anything wrong with what she said, and she seemed rather polite, why did her tone sound a little prideful?

Moreover, Han Zhuoli was getting engaged to Lu Man today, so it was also a little inconvenient to have a visitor today.

By now, Wang Qianyun started to get impatient. She had already explained the reason for her visit visiting, so why wasnt she allowed in yet?

"Im sorry, I came here on my own accord boldly. It was honestly because my uncle only told me about the address but didnt give me a way to contact them," Wang Qianyun explained, hiding back her annoyance.

"May I know who your uncle is?" Auntie Sun asked again.

Wang Qianyun pursed her lips. What was going on inside that couldnt be seen by her? Why was she still asking her so many questions?

Why was Wang Qianyun not considering that not just anybody would directly be allowed to enter the Old Han mansion?

There were plenty of people who wanted to meet the two elders, and their mansions address wasnt a huge secret either. If someone put in the effort to search, they would definitely find out about it.

However, was it that if someone came, the two elders had to meet them?

Wang Qianyun was really thinking too highly of herself!

"Wang Juhuai." Wang Qianyun said impatiently, "My uncle is Wang Juhuai. If you dont know about it, you can feel free to ask Old Master and Old Madam, or Uncle Han."

"Please hold on." Since Wang Qianyun had said so much, Auntie Sun also didnt dare to just willfully block her out.

She turned around, going over to ask. After taking a couple of steps, she suddenly realized that something was wrong.

Hearing from what Wang Qianyun said, why did it seem like she knew that Han Xijin was here too?

She clearly came prepared.

Thus, Auntie Sun went to the dining room and immediately informed them. "Old Master, Old Madam, there is someone out there who claims that she is the niece of Wang Juhuai. Her name is Wang Qianyun. She even said that Wang Juhuai and Second Sir are good friends."

"Wang Qianyun?" Han Xijin was a little surprised. "I do know her."

"Whats the matter? Why didnt she even inform us before coming over to visit? She didnt even ask if we would be at home or if we were busy. Its really rude of her to just come here all of a sudden." Old Mrs. Han pursed her lips in displeasure and grumbled, "Besides, its Zhuoli and Man Mans engagement today, its also inconvenient for us to greet any guests. Just tell her the truth."

"Yes." Auntie Sun hesitated for a while but still decided to speak her mind. "As I wasnt sure that she really knew people in the family, I thoroughly asked her some questions. She said her uncle was Wang Juhuai, and if I didnt believe it, I could ask the elders or Second Sir. I found it a little weird. She sounded as if she knew that Second Sir would be here today or similar. Did she find out about this beforehand? I think that she might here with some ulterior motive."

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