The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 792

Chapter 792 It Was Like Ni Xue Was On Steroids

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Ma Xianghuan: 8.9.

Lian Fang: 9.0.

Han Zhuoli: 8.8.

For the National Drama Academy student, Chen Cong, the total score for this round is 53.4!

Next up is the second act, Li Zeyu from the National Film Academy. Judges, please show your scores.

Zhang Guangtao: 9.2.

He Shuxin: 9.1.

Huang Yilun: 9.0.

Ma Xianghuan: 8.9.

Lian Fang: 9.0.

Han Zhuoli: 8.9.

For the National Film Academy student, Li Zeyu, the total score for this round is 54.1!

Chen Congs face darkened. Hed already lost his chance at getting first place.

On the other hand, Li Zeyus heartbeat quickened. His score was only 0.7 marks higher than that of Chen Cong, but there were still eight students after him. It will be a little difficult.

The emcee asked, curious, The judges seem to be much stricter with their scoring this round compared to the previous two rounds.

In the previous two rounds, every judge gave Li Zeyu and Chen Cong at least 9.0 marks or higher.

He Shuxin smiled and explained, In the past, there were more people competing. There were still many students who didnt have that much experience performing on stage. We couldnt hurt their self-confidence with our scorings; hence, the scores from each judge were generally higher. This way, the students who performed better would naturally have much higher scores.

Everyone understood what He Shuxin meant.

Previously, all the scores had been raised higher.

Those who were quick-witted couldnt help but look towards Lu Man.

He Shuxin said that previously, the scores were all raised higher, but half of Lu Mans scores had been pulled up by He Shuxin, Zhang Guangtao, and Manager Hao while the other half was pulled down by Sun Changfang, Liu Lijin, and Li Lingmei.

With both sides canceling out, Lu Mans total score probably wasnt raised by much.

The other people on stage also realized it and felt uncomfortable from the stares.

He Shuxin continued, But the situation is different now. The competition has already entered this stage. There are only ten students left on stage. They are the top of the top chosen from the tens of thousands of students from 23 different universities after rounds and rounds of competition. It wouldnt be an exaggeration to say that each one of them was chosen out of tens of thousands. This time, we would have to be strict with our scoring.

The emcee nodded. I see.

To be honest, she was also asking this on behalf of the students.

If not, they would also find it strange how their marks seemed to have fallen short when they used to be pretty high.

Then next up, the third performance tonight, Student Ni Xue from the National Film Academy. Judges, please show your scores.

Zhang Guangtao: 9.1.

He Shuxin: 9.1.

Huang Yilun: 9.0.

Lian Fang: 9.0.

Ma Xianghuan: 9.0.

Han Zhuoli: 9.0.

When the scores were out, everyone was shocked.

Ni Xues marks are so high!

She acted pretty well. Lu Man should be feeling stressed. I think that there is a high chance that Ni Xue could clinch the first place.

No way, Ni Xue didnt act as well as Lu Man.

Who said that? Ni Xue acted pretty well. Besides, getting first place is not entirely based on acting. You have to consider all aspects. Ni Xue is popular. She has more experience than Lu Man, and her acting isnt bad. A well-rounded and holistic individual like her, no matter which angle you look at, she should still be first.

At this moment, the emcee said, For the National Film Academy student, Ni Xue, the total score is 54.2!

Her score was higher than Li Zeyus by only 0.1!

This victory was way too close!

She actually surpassed Li Zeyu! The audience was shocked.

Li Zeyu acted really well. What a pity.

No choice. It was like Ni Xue was on steroids today. She was exceptionally good.

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