The Man Picked Up By the Gods (Reboot) Book 2 Chapter 45 1

The Man Picked Up By the Gods (Reboot) Volume 2 Chapter 45 Part 1

5th day of the monster subjugation and 1st day of the store construction.

Ryouma, help me, nyaa [Miya]

During lunch break, while I was resting after eating, Miysan and the others came. Behind them were Jeff-san, Asagi-san, and Raypin-san. Everyone was drenched in blood.

Can you get rid of all this blood? It stinks and I cant stand it. [Mizelia]

Did you happen upon goblins again? You sure did things gaudily. [Ryouma]

As I said that, I ordered the cleaner slime to clean all 7 of them.

Wow, its all so clean now Ryoumkun, your cleaner slimes really are convenient. [Mizelia]

Thank you, de gozaru. Lunch would have been difficult in that state. [Asagi]

Good grief, if only Jeff didnt work so sloppily, de aru. [Raypin]

I apologized already, didnt I? [Jeff]

I heard them out while they ate, and apparently, they found a new goblin nest and crushed it. From the looks of thins, they were probably Survivors of the goblin village we destroyed just recently. The problem started after the battle when they were about to dispose the corpses, as Jeff-san suddenly had a stroke of genius to penetrate the dead goblins with his spear and throw them to one corner.

It was great and all that he was able to get rid of the corpses quickly, but we were worried that the pile of corpses might tumble over, so we came back to check on it. Unfortunately, just as we were talking to ourselves, the whole thing suddenly fell, de gozaru. [Asagi]

Even if they could dodge the corpses, they couldnt dodge the blood. In the end, Raypin-san received a direct blow from the goblin corpses.

Must have been tough [Ryouma]

Indeed. If not for you, we would have had to eat while reeking of goblin blood. [Gordon]

Its really amazing that your slimes could get rid of goblin filth so efficiently. [Syria]

Thank you very much. [Ryouma]

It was then that it occurred to me that I havent told them about the laundromat yet.

Speaking of which, do you remember that laundromat we talked about 3 days ago? [Ryouma]

Yeah, what about it? [Jeff]

I decided to go through with it. [Ryouma]

Seriously? When are you opening? [Jeff]

I still have to prepare the store, so itll still be some time in the future. The price will be 1 medium copper coin just as we talked about before. [Ryouma]

Store? Youre going to have your own place, de aru? [Asagi]

Yes, a merchant Im acquainted with advised me to get my own store. Ive already registered at the guild and bought the land with the bounty from a bandit I killed some time back. Ill be getting employees from the guild and the merchant who advised me will also be helping me, so Ill still continue working as an adventurer. [Ryouma]

I see. Im surprised to hear that youll be having a store at your age, but when you think about it, it only makes sense. Well be enlisting your services, of course, but Im sure the other adventurers who know how amazing your cleaner slimes are will also enlist your services. The odds of word spreading about a stranger store are also pretty high. Once word catches on, youll probably have a hard time managing the store if you were just by yourself, de aru. [Asagi]

I dont think its completely impossible to handle alone, but it will definitely prevent you from working as an adventurer. [Syria]

Indeed. Everything ended up a lot bigger than I was expecting, but its good that Ill still be able to continue working as an adventurer. Ill inform you when the store will be opening, so please drop by. My store will also be providing discounts for bigger groups. [Ryouma]

Nyaa!? Before I knew it Ryoumkuns already turned into a merchant, nyaa! [Miya]

He has always spoken politely, so it doesnt feel out of place, de gozaru. [Raypin]

We talked like that over meal, then we did in the remaining hours of the day.

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