The Military Female Soldier With Unwavering Stubbornness Chapter 203

“No worries, I was just with the other students. Let’s go, Director Li. It’s really late and I have a test tomorrow.” Ye Jian laughed. At a time like this, even if the hospital air was filled with the smell of disinfectant, she still felt very refreshed.

After Mr. Gao obtained the details from the doctor, he turned to see that both the teacher and student were about to leave. He quickly caught up with them, “Director Li, and this young girl, it’s really late. Let me request for the driver to send the both of you back.”

It was nearly one in the morning. He couldn’t possibly let this girl, his sons savior, return on her own.

Director Li didn’t refuse this time. Mr. Gao let out a sigh of relief. His stern gaze fell on Ye Jians face before breaking into a gentle smile, Youd risk your life for others and face the danger by yourself. I’d like to award you with some money as an expression of my gratitude, but it might feel like a form of embarrassment to you.”

“But if I didnt express my gratitude, I’d feel uneasy. Ye Jian, do you think you could sign your name on behalf of the one million dollar scholarship that I’ll be giving to the middle school students living in the poverty-ridden areas of China?

One million… US dollar scholarship!

Director Li faintly gasped. This million dollar scholarship would be eight times more due to the current exchange rate. Director Li, who had taken much effort to  calm down, felt like he would need stronger heart medicine to feel better now.

The exchange rate in July 1995 was 1 to 8.36. So one million dollars was a lot of money.

After some quick mental calculations, Ye Jian’s eyebrows curved upwards in a smile; she said generously, “Frankly, I also need the money. After all, the amount that you’re willing to donate is quite attractive. However, it’s quite a good idea to make it into a scholarship. Thank you for your generosity. I think, Ill also have to study hard to obtain that scholarship.”

Her eyes were clear and shiny. Even if she had admitted that she needed the money, Mr. Gao felt that she was very honest, which improved his impression of Ye Jian even more.

He laughed out loud before sighing, Men would die for money, birds would die for food; it’s all the same. A gentleman would want money but would only obtain it in a respectable way. You have a good character, and an even better attitude.

“Well then, I’ll set up a scholarship just for you. If you do well in your examinations, the scholarship is yours.”

“You’re looking up to me too much.” Ye Jian really didn’t expect Mr. Gao to admire her this much, so she just politely smiled and answered, “Our country has many outstanding students who are forced to quit school due to affordable tuition fees and family burdens. I believe that they’re the ones who really need the scholarship you’re giving.

It was shocking for a fourteen-year-old child to so considerate. After a brief shock, Mr. Gao proposed another plan, How about this, I’ll organize a charity to raise the scholarship money for the outstanding but poor students in our country. This way, we can also influence other Chinese businessmen to put in a little effort for the future of our country. How about that?

This really was a better option!

Our country truly needed such charities, along with the help of the other local Chinese businessmen. Ye Jian stretched her hand out like an adult. With a sincere expression, she agreed, “Thank you for your help. With this, many students will definitely be able to continue going to school.”

Thus, the whole scene ended with this. Stunned, Director Li stood to the side without interrupting their conversation.

Since Gao Yiyang was still under the effect of the sedatives, Mr. Gao promised to punctually bring him to the hotel lobby at 7:30 the next morning to assemble. Director Li and Ye Jian then left in the car.

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