The Military Female Soldier With Unwavering Stubbornness Chapter 204

“Don’t think too much of it when we go back. I’ve asked Teacher Yu to make you a cup of warm tea. Remember to drink it.” Just now, Mr. Gao was around, so Director Li could only restrain himself, but now he began nagging Ye Jian. He still felt uneasy, he was afraid that Ye Jian was still facing some psychological problems from the incident, so he comforted her once more. “Everything is over now. We’re all back safely. You can just treat it like it was a dream. You just have to open your eyes tomorrow and itll all be like nothing had ever even happened.”

Ye Jian didn’t interrupt him. Instead, she listened with a smile, and occasionally replied with Ok”. She was no longer a cold-hearted shooter with a gun; she was a ten out of ten good girl now.

She didn’t disturb the other students after returning to the hotel. Be it the Chinese students or the students from foreign countries, no one knew about the disastrous experience Ye Jian and Gao Yiyang had gone through earlier. The contestants who had gone to sleep early were definitely not affected by what had happened in the middle of the night.

The next morning, the still-energetic Ye Jian appeared in front of her classmates. No one knew that she had only returned to the hotel past one in the morning.

When Yang Ye spotted her, she immediately ran over. “Dear, can I sleep with you tonight? I found that when sharing a room with Teacher Yu … I just couldn’t sleep!”

“You just didnt have the chance to read your romance novels, right?” Ye Jian laughed; her words were exactly in line to Yang Ye’s thoughts. On the first night that we shared a room, I had to pick up the novels twice in the middle of the night for you. You surely know how to relax. Say, where do you hide your novels?”

Before coming to Australia, the four teachers had carefully checked the students luggage: they were afraid that the students would also bring along books that werent related to their studies. However, there were still some loopholes.

Yang Ye jumped in surprise. She looked around carefully before dragging Ye Jian to a corner, “Hey, darn it. I’ve been discovered by you! Good sister, I must thank you after we return to Beijing.”

Not every student had arrived yet. The two of them just hid in the corner and whispered. Suddenly there was the sound of frantic footsteps, then they heard Gao Yiyang asking other students, “Did you see Ye Jian anywhere? Did you?”

“Ye Jian? No, I didn’t see her after I came back looking for you last night.”

He was so anxious to look for her. Wouldn’t that cause others to feel suspicious? Ye Jian leaned out and glanced at him. Noticing that he was about to question the other students, she quickly exclaimed, “I am here. What do you want?”

“Seriously, this Gao Yiyang… he looks for you so early in the morning., its as if hes searching for his mother Tsk tsk tsk, it seems like its something important. I’ll have breakfast first.” Yang Ye joked. And to Gao Yiyang, who was striding over, she beckoned, “Come here, come here. I’m just leaving. I’ll let you talk to her.”

Gao Yiyang, who should have arrived at 7:30, had his gaze fixated solely on Ye Jian, totally ignoring Yang Ye. He rushed towards her and spoke with an urgent tone, “I didn’t know you were at the hospital last night. Im sorry, Ye Jian.”

His eyes were still red, as if he was crying. It looked like he hadn’t slept all night: his expression was a little pale and lethargic.

“I’m alright. It doesn’t matter whether you knew that I was there or not.” Ye Jian spotted more students walking around, so she pointed downstairs. “Let’s talk outside. We can’t let others know about this.”

It could be considered as a secret between her and Gao Yiyang.

They didn’t leave the hotel; instead, they just stood in front of the fountain and used the sound of water as a cover up and lowered their voices. It then became a good place to talk.

“I’m alright. You don’t have to worry. What about you? You look as if you didnt sleep well?” Perhaps it was from last night’s experience; when she looked at him now, he didnt seem as cold as before. She could even stand there and peacefully talk to him. It’s no big deal. Let bygones be bygones. Just be like me, if you don’t think about it, you will naturally not be affected by it.”

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