The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 1497

Chapter 1497 Is This Road Not Open?

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Xi said, "Xu Nian, what are you shouting for?"

Xu Nian spat out a mouthful of blood and said, "F*ck, what can I do if I dont accept it? If you get released, wouldnt my beating be for nothing? If the two old dogs talk, youll kick me out Since theres no future, I wont be joining you anymore. What can I not say? We make imitation liquor! The imitation liquor they made has even killed people!"

The moment that was said, Xi flew into a rage and shouted, "What f**king nonsense are you spouting?"

Second Uncle cursed angrily, "You little brat, dont f**king spout nonsense!"

Third Uncle followed. "Do you believe that I will kill you?"

The policeman quickly said, "Cuff them!"

Then, Xi and the others were immediately cuffed. The police brought Xu Nian to a police car alone.

Before getting into the car, Xu Nian was still smiling. "Hehe, I hadnt joined when the batch that killed someone was made. But I know of it. Youre done for!"

Xi, Second Uncle, and Third Uncles faces turned ashen

At that moment, Little Qin shouted, "Ill expose them. Ill testify. Can you reduce my sentence?"

Xis face turned pale when he heard that. He knew that it was really over this time.

Fangzheng had no idea what happened after Xi and company were taken away by the police. However, he believed that they would probably be imprisoned for the rest of their lives.

Just as Fangzheng was about to walk out, he heard the two policemen say, "The person who reported the case said that industrial alcohol is in a trash can. I searched all the trash cans in the entire village, but there were only some empty bottles Its really strange."

"You find that strange? I feel like Im going crazy. Theres an old car at the village entrance. That thing can move by itself. Do you believe me?"


"I dont think its possible either. I think Ive been working too much recently. Im hallucinating"


An old car that can move by itself?

That fellow had its gas pumped?

Where did they get the money from?

Could it be stolen?

Fangzheng felt a little anxious when he thought of this. He hurriedly ran out to check, only to see the car flashing its headlights. The horn would blare from time to time.

Fangzheng went over and asked, "Scrapped Car, whats going on? What are you randomly making noises?"

When Salted Fish heard that Fangzheng was back, he quickly recovered from his act of pretending to be dead. He sighed and said, "Lets not talk about it. Get in the car. This fellow drank too much"

"What?" Fangzheng was dumbfounded. Drank too much? A car could have too much to drink?

Salted Fish explained the situation. "In the beginning, he was just a little talkative and a little hyperactive. He would occasionally move. Just now, a policeman came over to rummage through the trash can. This Scrapped Car would occasionally move and horn, making the policeman a little nervous. Master, we cant stay here any longer. Lets hurry up and leave This car has no license or car plate; we have no license. If we really get caught, we will be in big trouble."

Fangzheng nodded helplessly and tapped Scrapped Cars steering wheel.

"Whats up!? What is it? One more bottle!" exclaimed Scrapped Car.

Fangzheng took a look at the gas tanks markings. Wow, it was a full tank! It was no wonder the car was so drunk.

Shaking his head helplessly, Fangzheng said, "Scrapped Car. Can you be driven?"

"Driven? Haha Are you looking down on me? Ill drive for you!" As Scrapped Car spoke, the engine rumbled like a tractor, emitting black smoke

Fangzheng subconsciously grabbed Salted Fish and said, "If there are sparks, quickly spit out water!"

Salted Fish nodded as well

In the next moment, Scrapped Car shouted, "Lets go! Wa Roar!"

Scrapped Car zoomed forward in an instant, made a sharp turn, and rushed onto the road. Then, it sped off

Fangzheng watched as the needle on the speedometer shot up. 60, 90, 120, 180, maxed out!

But the car was still accelerating!

"Slow down, slow down!" Fangzheng shouted.

"Wahahaha Dont worry about my driving. As long as Im on the ground, Im the fastest! Haha" Scrapped Car was still speeding as it laughed!

At the same time, the car would twist its butt from time to time. It almost flip over several times!

At the critical moment, Fangzheng stomped his feet and pressed down the car that was about to flip over

Later, Salted Fish ran to the back and sat down. As he vomited, he exerted strength to prevent the car from flipping!

The good thing was that although Scrapped Car was fast and was even swaying a little, it could always avoid pedestrians and other cars at the first moment. As it sped along, nothing happened.

However, Fangzheng and Salted Fish suffered. On the way, Fangzheng was still feeling tense, while Salted Fish was vomiting

About three hours later, Scrapped Car seemed to have sobered up and its speed started to drop

When Salted Fish saw this, he directly lay back and stuck out his tongue. "Master I feel like Im about to pass away."

Fangzheng nodded. "All the best. If you pass away, Ill have food to eat tonight."

Salted Fish: "What are you eating?"

"Burn the car to roast a salted fish"

Scrapped Car: ""

Salted Fish: ""

"Reverend, I You cant blame me for that. It was Salted Fish who fed me with alcohol," Scrapped Car said aggrievedly.

Salted Fish said, "Didnt you run out of gas? If I didnt pump you with some alcohol, how can I take you away? Me, pulling you along?"

Scrapped Car: "Sure."

Salted Fish: "Dream on! Master, although the alcohol capacity of Scrapped Car isnt that great, from the looks of it, he can also drive with alcohol. I think its fine as long as we give him a little alcohol in the future and make sure its not excessive."

Scrapped Car said angrily, "No! Im a car, I want to drink gasoline!"

Fangzheng nodded slightly.

Scrapped Car said, "Master is truly wise."

Salted Fish curled his lips and said, "Master, gasoline is so expensive Our gasoline is the most expensive in the world. Alcohol is cheap, especially industrial alcohol. A tiny bit of money can buy a huge barrel. That will last a long time?"

Scrapped Car grunted. "Master will never listen to your nonsense!"

Fangzheng said indifferently, "Salted Fish has a point"

Scrapped Car: ""

Scrapped Car said, "Master, how poor are you? You cant even afford to eat. Now that you in a car, you dont want to pump any gas"

Salted Fish chuckled. "Hes even poorer than you think."

Scrapped Car: " I cant run anymore. Oh no, I cant run anymore. Aiya The engines dead."

Scrapped Car stopped moving.

Salted Fish said, "Master, this car is trying to be funny with us. What do we do?"

"What do you think?"

"There are two bottles of alcohol left. If I pump it into him, he should be able to run," Salted Fish said.

Fangzheng said, "That makes sense. Go."

Salted Fish immediately took the bottle and got out of the car

When Scrapped Car saw this, he cried out, "Dont Dont be like this! My tires have gone soft from drinking. I cant drink anymore! Burp Why are you pouring it in"

Salted Fish got into the car and said with a smile, "Its all in."

Fangzheng nodded. Only then did Fangzheng realize that the road ahead had been blocked

This way, Fangzheng could not continue being invisible. He dispelled A Golden Millet Dream and stuck his head out. He shouted, "Patron, is this road not open?"

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