The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 274

Chapter 274 Bestowing Dharma Names


Lone Wolf was excited when he heard that he was really going to be given a Dharma name. He respectfully came in front of Fangzheng and bowed his head.

Fangzheng tapped at Lone Wolf’s forehead. “This Penniless Monk once said that you would be One Finger Monastery’s guardian, so I will be bestowing you with the Dharma name, Jingfa!”

Lone Wolf retreated reverently.

Fangzheng called out again, “Squirrel!”

Squirrel immediately ran over and stood ramrod straight.

Fangzheng smiled, bent his back, and tapped Squirrel’s forehead. “Your mind needs to be broader, so as to contain the world. I’ll bestow you with the Dharma name, Jingkuan.”

Squirrel bowed respectfully before retreating happily.

Fangzheng shouted, “Monkey!”

Monkey came in front of Fangzheng and pressed his palms together like a monk.

Fangzheng nodded and tapped Monkey on the forehead. “Freedom is always relative. Complete freedom would only breed evil. Nor would being bound by rules be proper. This Penniless Monk wishes for you to find the balance between freedom and law, so as to gain true freedom. I’ll bestow you the Dharma name, Jingzhen!”

Fangzheng had originally planned on giving Monkey the Dharma name Jingyou since it partially meant freedom but Fangzheng, who often surfed the Internet, found out it was inappropriate. Jingyou? Essential oils? Sensual oils? He immediately changed it for he did not wish for Monkey to shed his fur in depression because of the insinuations his Dharma name had.

After everything was settled, Fangzheng said to Red Boy, “Jingxin, shouldn’t you be eating? Aren’t you starving? Eat quickly. The rice will become cold soon.”

Red Boy looked at Fangzheng before looking at the three delighted animals. He said indignantly, “Master, their seniority and mine…”

“It’s determined according to who enters first. Lone Wolf Jingfa is the eldest senior brother, Squirrel Jingkuan is second senior brother, and Monkey Jingzhen is third senior brother. You are currently ranked fourth.”

“Haha… Kiddo, come over here quickly to pay your respects to your senior brothers!” Lone Wolf said with a loud laugh.

Red Boy was so infuriated his eyes turned white. His seniority was easily higher than the three bastards considering his immortal age but now, he realized that not only did he fail to suppress them, he had fulfilled their wishes! It felt stifling and unpleasant! Depressing!

Red Boy turned around and showed Lone Wolf his fair buttocks as he continued eating his rice.

It took a minute for his first bowl of rice, ten for the second, and half an hour for the third bowl. As for the fourth bowl…

“Burp…” Red Boy burped as he looked at the quartet who were sitting outside. They were looking at him with relish, with no intention to leave.

“Burp… Aren’t you eating a little? Burp… Aren’t you hungry… Burp?” Red Boy did not give up.

The four rascals shook their heads despite their groaning stomachs. They refused to eat!

Red Boy was left in tears. As he looked at the Crystal Rice in the pot, he felt that the Crystal Rice was about to overflow from his gullet! He would die if he continued eating!

Fangzheng suddenly gave a Buddhist proclamation. “Amitabha.”

When Red Boy heard that, he thought it might be possible that he would not need to continue eating.

Instead Fangzheng said, “Jingxin, it looks like you really like Crystal Rice. Don’t worry. This pot is only an appetizer. More will be cooked in the next pot. Monkey, since you have nothing to do, go dig some bamboo shoots. We can eat them as snacks. Uh… Jingxin, do you want some?”

Red Boy felt as though his stomach was exploding the moment he heard them talk of food. He quickly shook his head.

Fangzheng, as well as Monkey, laughed before they ran off. Lone Wolf quickly followed with basket in mouth. Although he had refused to eat to watch Red Boy suffer, he was really hungry!

Not long later, Fangzheng and Monkey began peeling the bamboo shoots outside. Lone Wolf and Squirrel squatted there and had a great time eating.

Red Boy ate the Crystal Rice sitting down in the beginning but now, he was eating on his back. Yet, the pot was still more than half full! Red Boy looked at the Crystal Rice and felt faint. It was nauseating, so much that he felt like vomiting!

“Jingxin, make sure not to waste food or This Penniless Monk might have scripture recital inspirations. It might take an entire night.” Fangzheng’s voice sounded.

Red Boy looked at Fangzheng before looking at the three animals. He wanted to cry but he held back. As a great demon king, how could he be stumped by a pot of rice? He would eat!

Fangzheng had his fill of food and drink. He got the three animals to watch Red Boy while he returned to his quarters for a nap. Staying up late was clearly not something a handsome young man like him should do…

The next day, the rooster at the foot of the mountain crowed. Fangzheng stretched his lazy back and left his room. He saw Red Boy lying in the kitchen motionless the moment he came out.

Fangzheng looked at the pot and it was empty!

Fangzheng chuckled. “Dear disciple, you have quite a good appetite. Do you still want more food?”

“Urgh!” Red Boy ran out and vomited the moment he heard the word ‘food.’

Fangzheng frowned. “Dear disciple, it’s not right to waste food.”

“Master, can we not talk about eating? Don’t talk about food either…” said Red Boy miserably.

Fangzheng nodded. “It appears you aren’t hungry and do not wish to eat. This Penniless Monk plans to cook. How about Crystal Rice for today? Eh? My dear disciple, you vomited again. What a waste…”

Red Boy spent the entire day restless. He sat under the bodhi tree, too lazy to move but…

Monkey passed by him while sweeping the fallen leaves as he mumbled, “Today’s Crystal Rice sure tasted good.”


Lone Wolf scampered around and when passing him by, “Crystal Rice and bamboo shoots taste excellent.”


Squirrel popped out from the tree and said adorably, “Aiyah, you vomited so much Crystal Rice? What a pity…”


Finally, Fangzheng appeared. “Amitabha. Shall we eat Crystal Rice with bamboo shoots for lunch or Crystal Rice with a little bit of vegetables dipped in sauce?”


Eventually Red Boy lost it. He yelled, “I’ll fight anyone who talks to me about Crystal Rice! Don’t think that I’m useless without my Dharmic powers. I’m still extremely strong!” With that said, Red Boy stomped his feet. With a boom, the ground trembled!

Fangzheng, who was sitting in the temple hall reciting scriptures, looked over and nodded in satisfaction. “You are indeed strong. Good. Jingfa, bring your fourth junior brother down the mountain to draw water. This Penniless Priest was afraid that he was frail because of his young age. But from the looks of it, you can finally rest a bit.”

Lone Wolf was overjoyed. Red Boy regretted his posturing and his exposure of strength…

“Master, I’m still weak. Can I stay?” asked Red Boy weakly.

Fangzheng smiled. “Of course, but you will have to join us for lunch!”

“Senior Bro!” Where’re the buckets?!” Red Boy had enough of vomiting. He had nearly vomited all his gastric juices. He had a feeling that he might even vomit his stomach out if he continued!

Red Boy finally went down the mountain with buckets about his height to fetch water…

“Eh? Who’s child is this?” Xie Ming looked curiously at bucket-carrying Red Boy. Lone Wolf was behind Red Boy.

Red Boy looked up and scolded, “What are you looking at? You trash! Continue that and you’ll be stewed!”

A black cloud hung over Xie Ming’s head. He looked awkward as he mumbled, “This child sure is fierce…”

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