The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife Chapter 1181

Chapter 1181 Battered But Not Ashamed 2

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"Qi Lei, youre treating me differently! Youve changedcompletely!"

Gu Lingsha took a deep breath as she looked at Qi Leis clenched fist dripping with fresh blood.

"Qi Lei, I never thought of hurting you, really. Ive always treated you as a good friend. I admit that I might have used you in the past, or wronged you for Ah Feng, but Ive always protected you whether you believe me or not."

"You wouldnt have known how sad I felt when you talked about how we wont be able to turn back time anymore. I never knew what happiness was. I thought that marrying Qi Feng, having a daughter, and taking my revengeall of those could bring happinessbut now, the more I go on, the more afraid I feel"

Gu Lingsha was speaking from her heart. Ever since she knew that Qi Feng received flowers from Xi Xiaye, she investigated the matter and found out that Qi Feng had been in contact with her. He seemed to have a different attitude towards Xi Xiaye.

1Although she tried to ask Qi Feng about it, every time she brought this up, Qi Feng would not look pleased, and of course, she dared not ask too much after that.

She just hoped that he was only doing that because he had some sort of plan.

Doriss words were still ringing in her eyes. She could not help but be worried.

She was afraid!

So afraid

If that were true, then Gu Lingsha was merely Qi Fengs stepping stone. After he was done, she would be kicked aside, and when the time came, what would Gu Lingsha do?

What could she do?

When Lingtian had still been around, she could turn to Lingtian or Qi Lei if there was anything, but now that things were the way they are, what else could she hope for?

Gu Lingsha did not understand. Why was it that the more she tried to hold onto some things, the more she lost her grip on them

"Even if you need to fight for your own happiness, you shouldnt build it upon other peoples pain. If you can never understand that, then youll never be able to enjoy it with a clear conscience. I wont leave City Z. No matter who talks to me, Ill only have the same answer."

"Qi Lei!" Gu Lingsha softly called out

Qi Lei clenched his fists and could not care less about the sharp pain felt in his palms as he said with a lowered tone, "Go back while I can still hold my anger. Otherwise, you know that I wasnt raised that well and I cant guarantee that I wouldnt hit you."

Gu Lingsha was stunned for a moment. Finally, she took a deep breath in and stooped weakly to peer down at Qi Lei.

"Qi Lei, no matter what happens, all these years, weve cried together, laughed together, been hurt together, and been happy together. Our relationship is lost to time and other people, but I still hope that well all do well. If you decide to stay and abandon us, I wont say anything more. Meanwhile, I can only"

"Lets just leave it to fate." Qi Lei smiled coldly.

When Gu Lingsha heard his reply, her beautiful eyes could not help but feel hot. Finally, she looked up with a deep breath and then nodded. As she turned around, she said with a raspy voice, "Alright, we can only leave it at that then!"

When she finished, she had already opened the door and was about to rush out, yet she bumped into someone standing at the door. She quickly stopped and subconsciously looked up to find Xi Xiaye standing at the door.

"Xi Xiaye!" Gu Lingsha practically cried out instantly!

Xi Xiaye nonchalantly lowered her gaze and looked at Gu Lingsha calmly. Obviously, she heard most of the conversation from earlier.

"Hope youre doing well, Missus Qi." Xi Xiayes unfriendly voice was heard while her calm gaze contained a chill as though it came from the moon in the night sky.

"Why are you here?" Gu Lingsha was obviously quite shocked to see Xi Xiaye who had suddenly appeared. She knew that she must have heard most of the conversation from earlier.

"Why cant I be here? This is my turf, isnt it?" Xi Xiaye smiled calmly. "You came all the way here to be this imposing? I really dont know where you find the sense of superiority to do so."

"Its none of your business. Move aside"

Gu Lingsha had only brought one bodyguard along. She saw that Xi Xiaye had blocked her way at the door and there were a few black-clothed men behind her who seemed tough, so she naturally dared not go overboard.

Xi Xiaye did not move and stood where she was while she looked indifferently at Gu Lingsha. Her cold gaze made Gu Lingsha feel uneasy.

"Miss Gu, I actually quite admire a certain quality of yours. Do you want to know what it is?" Xi Xiaye examined her and then said softly.

"What?" Gu Lingsha could not hold back her curiosity as she answered.

"You have a very great sense of ego. You have such a huge contrast of harshness and tolerance within you. You truly understand the meaning of cherishing, and I cant help but admire you."

When Xi Xiaye said this, Gu Lingshas expression turned rigid. She recognized the sarcasm in Xi Xiayes words, so she only laughed coldly. "I dont see how important you are. No matter what I do, at least, I still know the meaning of honor and a womans principles. Dont think I dont know about you sending flowers to Qi Feng, Xi Xiaye. Qi Fengs not such a casual person. Dont you know the meaning of saving your face?"

As Gu Lingsha remembered how Qi Feng had received those flowers, she could not hold back her anger anymore.

Upon hearing that, Xi Xiayes mind flashed to when Mu Yuchen had sent Qi Feng a bouquet of white chrysanthemums with her name. She looked at Gu Lingsha who was clearly angered, pondered for a moment, then laughed. "Miss Gu, dont misunderstand my relationship with Master Qi. Otherwise, other people might misunderstand as well. Since youre so certain that your Master Qis an honest person, Im sure I dont need to say those things to you, do I?"

"Xi Xiaye, dont be so smug now. Youll suffer for this."

Gu Lingsha barely caught her own breath, she said softly through gritted teeth by Xi Xiayes ear.

"It looks like youre the one whos about to cry. Miss Gu, youre really not that important. Instead of worrying about other men here, you should worry about yourself first. I heard that tonight, right here in Imperial Sky Hotel, Master Qi and CEO Lin are having dinner together with the Lin family heiress whos also a Caucasian. Most importantly, shes very young and beautiful. Miss Gu, as Master Qis wife, you came over to accompany him, didnt you?" Xi Xiaye mocked calmly while she looked forward to Gu Lingshas reaction.


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