The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife Chapter 1182

Chapter 1182 Battered But Not Ashamed 3

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Indeed, just as Xi Xiaye said that, Gu Lingshas expression froze and she tightened her grip on her bag while lowering her gaze

Her lowered gaze concealed the shifting light in her eyes

When they finished work, she had asked Qi Feng if he wanted to go home together, but he told her that he might need to finish looking through some documents at the office, so he told her to go home first. She did hear about the unhappy incident between Qi Lei and Qi Qiming from the latter.

After she thought about it, she decided to go over to advise Qi Lei, and at the same time, explain her reasons for doing what she did.

Unexpectedly, things turned out this way and Qi Feng

Gu Lingsha obviously would not be that much of a fool to immediately flip out. Usually, she was someone who could practice self-restraint.

Xi Xiaye looked at hercalmly, then turned to hint at the bodyguards who retreated. Then, Xi Xiayes frail figure walked past her

When she was about to walk past Gu Lingsha, Gu Lingsha could not help but clench her fists tightly as if she was possessed


A shriek of pain pierced through the silent corridor.

Gu Lingsha did not have time to react when she felt a sharp pain from the joint of her leg. She was about to pull her leg back when it seemed to be pinned down by something, and a piercing pain made her cry out loud.

She quickly looked down at her leg and realized that Xi Xiaye had stepped on the leg that she had stuck out.

Xi Xiaye did not even glance down and her exquisite face did not even show a hint of expression. She was as calm as water just like she had been earlier whilst her frail figure was perfectly upright without even a hint of a slant.

With the sound of Gu Lingshas painful shrieks, the bodyguards and Xiao Mei looked over!

Clearly, they all caught Gu Lingsha mid-action!

Gu Lingsha was already depressed, so she thought of tripping Xi Xiaye, but she did not expect Xi Xiaye to have anticipated it and step hard on her leg that was stuck out instead.

After a while, Xi Xiaye lowered her head and looked at Gu Lingshas foot that she was stepping on. A curve flashed across her cold face as she silently turned to look at Gu Lingsha who was in pain. Suddenly, she chuckled.

"Miss Gu, even though Im not the kind of person who likes to be petty with other people, you cant possibly be trying to harm me so brazenly, can you? At least, its just our people here. If a certain someone took a picture of this, then that wouldnt be good. You are the wife of Qi Kais heir now, the elegant and dignified Missus Qi. You should at least protect that much of Master Qis reputation. Dont you agree, Mr. Qi?" Xi Xiaye said in a relaxed voice. She did not even need to turn to know who had appeared in the corridor.

When Xi Xiaye said that, Gu Lingshas face that was green from the pain instantly turned pale. She could not care less about the pain from her leg as she quickly spun around to look at the dim corridor behind her.

Indeed, in the shadowy corridor, Morrison was wheeling Qi Feng, and they stopped not too far away!

On the wheelchair, Qi Fengs eyes that were shrouded underneath the dim lighting revealed a chill as he looked over calmly. He had witnessed everything that transpired between Gu Lingsha and Xi Xiaye!

Right now, Gu Lingshas pupils instantly shrunk and anxiety flashed in her beautiful blue eyes. She wanted to quickly push Xi Xiaye away, but Xi Xiaye was quicker as her hands gripped her shoulder and pulled her back. Gu Lingsha cried out in pain, then Xi Xiaye tossed her out of the private room.


Although she shrieked out miserably, Gu Lingshas bodyguard could not react in time as Gu Lingsha was smacked hard against the wall, and fell to the ground because of her unsteady footing.

"Ah Feng!" Gu Lingsha cried out in pain and fell in front of Qi Feng. She disregarded the agony from her leg and called out to Qi Feng in distress.

As he watched her fall before him in a battered manner with every shred of her reputation discarded, Qi Feng instantly frowned and his eyes narrowed. He glimpsed at Gu Lingsha for a moment, then looked at the bodyguards behind him. Immediately, the two bodyguards then quickly helped Gu Lingsha who was in pain up.

"Miss Xi, I trust that you have been well, but havent you gone overboard tonight?" Qi Fengs soft, raspy voice was heard, but you could not hear any hint of questioning in his voice. He seemed very calm as if this was no big deal.

Xi Xiaye then suddenly turned to peer down at him, her gaze as clear as the wind while she said smoothly, "Is that so? Well then, Im very sorry. Im used to walking without looking at the ground. Is she very badly hurt? Poor Missus Qi! Since shes in such distress, its best to rush to the hospital for a checkup. Xiao Mei, you follow them too. Ill just pay for the medical fees, but I hope that Miss Gu can walk more normally the next time. Its not every time that someone like me would advise you so nicely. The next person you meet might just accidentally break your leg."

Upon hearing that, a hint of amusement flashed in Qi Fengs eyes. "Since youre so sincere, Miss Xi, we are both naturally beyond grateful."

Gu Lingsha was enduring the piercing pain, and upon hearing this, she could not help but curse,"Xi Xiaye, you witch! You did it on purpose! Dont be such an intolerable bully!"

Xi Xiaye smiled and shrugged, not bothering to cover it up. "Youre right. I did do it on purpose. After all, its not news that I dont like you. Ive been patient with you for a long time now. Thanks for giving me the chance to vent it out. Xiao Mei, since their mobility is inconvenienced, please make sure you send them off properly on my behalf."

Then, her frail figure vanished through the door, leaving the bodyguards who stood guard vigilantly at the door as they looked to Qi Feng and Gu Lingsha with hostility.

Qi Feng looked on quite apathetically as Xi Xiaye vanished. There were mixed emotions in his eyes, but a chill dominated his aura. Even Gu Lingsha, who watched him from the side, could not catch any expressions from his face.

"Lets go to the hospital,"Qi Feng said indifferently when he looked back sharply and saw Gu Lingshas swelling leg. Then, he maneuvered his own wheelchair and moved forward

When Gu Lingsha saw Qi Fengs aloof manner, trepidation instantly showed up on her exquisite face. She could not help but call out in a raspy voice to Qi Feng sadly,"Ah Feng!"

"Your recent performance has been disappointing, Shasha," Qi Feng said without slowing down, Gu Lingsha coudl hear a hint of unhappiness from his voice!

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