The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife Chapter 152

Chapter 152 Morning Mrs. Mu 1

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The next day, it was already noon when Xi Xiaye woke up.

She rubbed her sore shoulder as the intimate moments from last night played back in her mind, making her blush in a matter of seconds.

She did not feel any discomfort on her left shoulder and the bandages seemed to have been changed. Other than that, she did not feel any discomfort anywhere else. It must be

She felt embarrassed all of a sudden, so she pinched between her eyebrows. Then, she heard the mans voice as she was about to get up.

Morning, Mrs. Mu.

In shock, she turned her head over and saw Mu Yuchens handsome face.

Why was he still in bed?

He looked downward with a smile. Following his gaze and peering at herself, she then realized

She screamed and covered her chest with the blanket, kicking at him. Get out! I want to change.

He laughed and put on a cheeky smile. Theres nothing to hide. Weve done the deed. Mrs. Mu, you have a great body and I really like it, but itd be better if youre a little chubbier. I never knew that you were pretty into me either.

He slipped out of the blanket and put his sleeping robe oncasually.

Damn it!

She grabbed a pillow and flung it at him angrily as she spoke in a hoarse voice, You wish! I was just fulfilling my duty as a wife!

Your duty as a wife?

He raised his eyebrows as he caught the pillow, his dark eyes smiling while he squinted at her. Should I be glad that youve been enlightened?

Xi Xiaye rolled her eyes at him without replying. She pulled the blanket over her head and lay back on the bed again.

She did not want to talk to him at that moment!

Mu Yuchen covered his forehead with his hand. He could not help it, but he stopped teasing her. After that, he walked towards his wardrobe, grabbed an outfit and went into the bathroom.

She took another short nap in the warm bed. When she came to her senses, Mu Yuchen had already left the bedroom. In her fuzzy stupor, she somewhat heard him telling her to freshen up

Xi Xiaye lifted the blanket and she endured the soreness on her body as she walked towards the wardrobe, covered in the blanket. She changed into a light-colored casual outfit before heading into the bathroom.

When she saw the bedsheets in a tangled mess in the basket beside the dressing table, her face turned red again.

She never expected for her to lose herself so easily!

He was pretty seductive. Even with her usuallybeing cool, she had been so easily

She was thinking about a lot of things. She felt emotional and a little warm. It was not as difficult to accept it as she thought. Sooner or later, it was bound to happen and because it had already happened, she could only accept it and go along with it.

She suddenly felt that her relationship started to feel more solid after conquering this level. They were probably just getting started from now onwards

After she was done and was on her way down, she noticed the man come out of the kitchen with a dish.

Even though the cold wind was blowing outside, it was warm inside the house thanks to the heater. He just wore his usual black shirt, appearing clean and sleek.

He looked up when he heard a sound from the stairs. His eyes seemed tender when he saw her looking at him. Come and eat.

What did you make? She made it down the stairs and walked towards the table to sit.

We ate so much in the past two days, so I made something simple. He pulled a chair outand sat across her before scooping some rice into a bowl for her.

When are you going? Xi Xiaye took the bowl from him as she glanced at him and asked quietly.

He handed her a pair of chopsticks as he replied,This evening on the 6 p.m. flight.

I think Ah Mo should go with you. Li Si isnt working during the holidays, but I can handle things around here, so you dont have to worry about me. Ill make preparations with Manager Fang from the PR Department tomorrow.

She drank some soup and then said, I insist on this!

He compromised since she showed a rarely determined side of hers. Alright then. The PR Department is going to get busy the day after tomorrow. Offer them some greetings on behalf of the company.

Of course, he recognized her dedication towards work. Although she was not a super elite in the company, she was very serious and responsible. It was not easy for her to come this far.

He would not restrict her freedom. Despite being married now, he still wanted her to have a goal and chase her dreams. He would just support her as much as he could.

He added some food into her bowl.

If youre not used to it, you can go and stay with Grandfather and Grandmother. Sis Wang will still be on her break, he added after thinking for a little while.

Its okay. I dont really have the time if things get busy, but I might go back to the Shen Residence for a bit.

Anyway, she would have to go back once after theNew Year.

Okay, Ill have the gifts prepared and Ill also go back with you after the opening ceremony.

Xi Xiaye nodded and then continue eating quietly.

She inhaled two and a half bowls of rice, two bowls of soup, and most of the dishes into her stomach. Even she was shocked by her appetite.

She suddenly realized thatshe had started to eat much more after she married him. Sometimes, she would eat much, much more than he did

If this went on, then she

Women were very sensitive towards two things. One of it was their age, whilst the other was their weight!

Xi Xiaye was the same. She put her hands on her waist and started to frown.

The man observed her behavior, and he could not help but laugh as he took the bowl away from her. Missus, youre already very skinny. You dont have to worry about your weight.

Really? I went and weighed myself some time ago. Im almost reaching triple digits soon She looked defeated as she admitted embarrassedly.

Moreover, her height

Its fine. Youd be more charismatic if you put on a little more weight. You arent working in the fashion or entertainment industry, so you dont have to pursue an unrealistic body image. He cleaned up the dirty bowls as he spoke.

Xi Xiaye took a deep breath and said, Whatever. Ill still pay attention to it. Please remind me to drink more soup and eat less high-calorie foods. Please do the dishes as well. Ill go upstairs and pack some stuff for you.

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