The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife Chapter 156

Chapter 156 Conflict 2

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She stopped talking, so Xi Xiaye had no idea what to say either. Clueless as to what to do, she sat down beside her quietly.

After some time, Shen Wenna took a deep breath and glanced up at the warm sunset. “That’s great then.”

It was a short reply. Xi Xiaye was confused. After hesitating for a moment, she said, “Mother, Father actually”

She wanted to say that her father was actually pretty concerned about her too.

However, she could not bring herself to say it. Her sentence just stopped midway. Just as she looked at Shen Wenna and was about to say some comforting words, a cheerful ringtone played.

It was Shen Wenna’s phone.

Shen Wenna took out her phone slowly and slid the receive call button across the screen.


Her usual indifferent voice went through, yet the one who replied her was Yue Lingsi!

“Hello? Shen Wenna? It’s Yue Lingsi.”

Shen Wenna’s cool expression froze up the moment she heard Yue Lingsi’s voice. Xi Xiaye, who was beside her, could somewhat hear that it was Yue Lingsi as well.

“Come and meet me. I’ll wait for you at the coffee shop right across the New Era Plaza. I know you’re nearby now. If you don’t want things to get more complicated, then we need to talk.”

Yue Lingsi’s tone was not very friendly and Shen Wenna could sense the hostility, yet she just smiled coldly. “I don’t think I have anything to talk to you about.”

“If you don’t want Mother to look for you personally again, you’d better come right now. Plus, don’t you want to know what happened to your daughter at Xinyi and Yifeng’s engagement party? I believe Xiaye didn’t tell you about it, did she?”

Yue Lingsi hung up the call abruptly.

Shen Wenna looked at her dimmed phone screen, her eyes seeming more depressed than before.

“Was that Yue Lingsi?” Xi Xiaye asked coldly before Shen Wennacould say anything.

Shen Wenna slid her phone back into her shirt pocket as she put away the bottle of water. Standing up, she announced, “You should go back first, Xiaye. I’ll go over for a bit.”

Without waiting for Xi Xiaye’s reply, she walked towards the opposite of the plaza.


Xi Xiaye wanted to catch up with her, but Shen Wenna walked swiftly through the crowd, vanishing from her vision in the blink of an eye.

In the caf, Yue Lingsi had already ordered a cup of coffee when Shen Wenna arrived.

She had already predicted that she would meet Yue Lingsi when Deng Wenwen and Xi Xinyi went to look for her back then, so she was not surprised at all when Yue Lingsi gave her a call.

Shen Wenna coldly sat down opposite Yue Lingsi.

She wore a brown, flowery, long dress. Together with a little white coat, she appeared simple and elegant, the outfit gracefully bringing out her aura of being a prestigious lady.

Ever since many years ago, she had never been fierce and powerful, but things around her just turned monochromatic when she sat down.

Shen Wenna’s gracefulness was something Yue Lingsi had always been envious of. She might have been jealous of her too. Despite her prestigious family background, or being the daughter of a high-ranking official, or even being the current wife of the mayor, no matter how much she dressed up, she felt like she could never be on par with the elegance of Shen Wenna.

Sometimes, she would get really annoyed at the woman’s cold expression.

She had known Shen Wenna since high school. They became good friends, and eventually best friends. However, she felt that she would be left out wherever Shen Wenna existed.

Shen Wenna became the goddess of many. Armed with both excellent grades and beautiful looks, she had this cold and mysterious aura around her too. Even the quiet Xi Mushan was crazy for her. It took him a very long time to get Shen Wenna to agree to become his girlfriend. Xi Mushan really loved her and they were anenvied couple in their university. Everyone thought of them as the perfect couple.

Yet, Yue Lingsi was always a little follower even though she was her family’s treasure

In the end, they became enemies.

“I thought you’d lack the courage to come!” Yue Lingsi took a deep breath as she tried to suppress her emotions, forcing a smile.

“You’re the one who shouldn’t have the courage to face me. Why would I be a coward at a time like this?” Shen Wenna put on a cold smile. “Is it about the 20% shares again?”

“Since you understand, I’ll be straightforward about it. Back then, you didn’t want the shares too, so leaving the document with you was useless, wasn’t it?”

Yue Lingsi’s expression did not look very pleasant. Although she genuinely wanted to have a decent conversation with Shen Wenna, every time they met, she would feel the need to be superior as soon as she saw Shen Wenna’s face. Now, she was giving her all to suppress her emotions.

The smile on Shen Wenna’s face grew wider. “I changed my mind. Xi Mushan gave it to me willingly, so why should I let it go? You can talk to Xi Mushan if you want these shares back. Get him to ask for it from me.”

“Do you think he’d want to see you? Shen Wenna, I don’t owe you anything. I’ve told you long ago that I liked Xi Mushan before he got close to you. You disregarded our friendship and took him away from me. Now, my daughter has taken your daughter’s fianc away. It’s karma.” Yue Lingsi felt smug as a barely hidden sharpness tinted her voice.

Shen Wenna’s expression darkened and her eyes turned cold.

“I’m being very kind by not unleashing my anger onto your daughter. I’ve never mistreated your daughter all these years too, but your daughter? She’s one crazy woman. How dare she hurt Xinyi? Xinyi’s body was frail even up until now all because she shielded her back then, and what did your daughter do to repay her? She beat Xinyi up in public. Is this how you teach your daughter to treat others?”

Yue Lingsi was really angry as she was reminded of how pathetic Xi Xinyi looked the other day. Yue Lingsi had asked Shen Wenna out for two reasons. One reason was for the 20% shares while the other was that she could not stand Xi Xiaye’s behavior anymore.

“Are you sure you’re treating Xiaye genuinely, and not just trying to get on the good side of Xi Mushan and the elder?” Shen Wenna smiled as she asked quietly.

Yue Lingsi’s expression changed and her eyes grew even darker.

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