The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife Chapter 163

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The opening ceremony was held in the International Exhibition Center inside Imperial Sky Entertainment City which could cater up to ten thousand people. The government had invested to build the exhibition center two years ago, and Imperial Sky Entertainment City was constructed around it.

Many large-scale banquets were organized there such as annual dinners of big companies or City Zs New Year party.

When Xi Xiaye went over, a huge arch made of flowers stood at the entrance. A long, red carpet ran all the way until the very center of the International Exhibition Center while numerous flower baskets graced the aisle. A large number of greeting cards, all filled with words of congratulations, hung on a string, swaying as the wind breezed through.

In one glance, the entire place was red.

The staff was busy running around, and some employees were packed with jobs to do on-site too. None of them were standing around leisurely.

Xi Xiaye went towards the entrance as the employees at the receptionist table greeted her,Director Xi!

She nodded. Thanks for the hard work. Well be able to get a good rest after today.

Everyone had sacrificed their break time and went back to work, so Xi Xiaye was really grateful to them.

Wed be very happy if you could ask Chairman Mu to give us more bonus in the next meeting, Director Xi.

Thats right, Director Xi. Get Chairman Mu to raise our salaries!

They were getting excited as they mentioned about their remuneration package. Xi Xiaye smiled as she saw their eyes brighten up. Ill definitely convey your wishes to Chairman Mu.

Director, Director!

As Xi Xiaye was about to walk inside, Xiao Meis voice reached her from the back. She turned around and saw Xiao Mei running towards her.

Director, this is the programme agenda. Please check it and sign here if theres no issue. The PR Department is waiting for this. Ive been looking you this whole morning!

Xiao Mei handed a document to Xi Xiaye while panting. Xi Xiaye took it and went through it, then she took a pen from Xiao Mei and signed it after she found nothing wrong with it. She swiftly signed her name elegantly at the bottom right corner.

Xi Xiaye handed the document and pen back to Xiao Mei as she asked,Theres some delay. Is everything alright?

Things are okay. You can take a break, Director Xi. The managers are having tea in the break room backstage. You must be tired after working for so long.

Xi Xiaye nodded as she looked inside. The stage decoration was extravagant and the guest seats were lined up perfectly. The waiters from Imperial Sky Hotel and the employees were busy working like clockwork, so Xi Xiaye felt relieved as everything seemed to be fine.

The warm sun was high up in the beautiful afternoon, sprinkling light over the blue sky as the wind blew through.

At Maple Residence, Mu Yuchen was reading magazines while enjoying some tea after a light breakfast. After a while, the door opened and Ah Mo entered the house.

Master! Ah Mos voice reached him.

Mu Yuchen averted his gaze away from the magazine and looked at Ah Mo. Mmm, Ive made a copy of Movie City here. Ill get you a copy too in a few days. Manager Xu is transferring after the New Year, so youll be taking over Manager Xus workload for the moment. I want to know your opinion on this matter.

Ah Mo had stayed beside Mu Yuchen for many years. He was an adopted son under Mu Tangchuans name, and Mu Yuchen had always thought of him as a brother. He was very well-trained under Mu Yinan and Mu Yuchen. Overall, he was part of the Mu family.

Yet, Ah Mo had always thought of himself as a servant in the Mu family. He followed Mu Yuchens every order without any complaints.

Ah Mo went silent for a moment before nodding. Ill follow whatever your arrangement is.

He closed the magazine and put it aside. Then, he sipped some tea as he glanced at Ah Mo with an indifferent expression while an odd calm appeared in his eyes. Lingshi is coming back soon after some time. Shes closer to you among the three of us. Theres something that I dont want to talk about again. I hope that we can all get a fresh start when she comes back. I want you to work in the company because I hope you can have your own life too. The same goes for Lingshi. I hope that everyone can live on well.

Ah Mo was startled, but he quickly replied, Dont worry, Master. We understand. Lingshi We wont remind her about that again, and I wont let the Missus know either.

You dont have to worry about her. Ill tell her about it if the time comes. I thought youd understand how shed feel Whatever, Ill leave it up to you guys when she comes back.

Mu Yuchen did not continue. He rubbed his fingers on his forehead as he sighed. Then, hestood up slowly. Its about time, lets go.

He walked outside.

Ah Mo gave his words some thought. In the end, he walked out as well.

He started the car after he got inside, he glanced into the rearview mirror at Mu Yuchen and asked,Master, do we go straight to the International Exhibition Center?

Head over to Fashion City first. Sis Sus place.

The womans grumbling last night echoed in his ear again. She probably had not thought about it when she rushed out today, so she must be wearing a completely formal attire

Okay, Master! Ah Mo replied and the car went forward.

The car passed through some busy streets. After a while, they arrived at an extravagant clothing store. Ah Mo parked the car at a nearby parking spot before Mu Yuchen opened the door and got out of the car.

Welcome! The receptionist at the door greeted with a big smile. She was a little stunned when she saw Mu Yuchens handsome face, and her face blushed suddenly.

As Mu Yuchen stepped inside the store, a cheerful voice rang out.Chen! How rare for you to be here!

He looked over at the source of the voice and saw the fashionable Su Yu looking at him in surprise!

Su Yu, Su Chens elder sister, who was also the owner of this clothing store, had married a lawyer several years ago and had a daughter. She was doing pretty well and had been running this store for quite some years, doing pretty decent business.

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