The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife Chapter 209

Chapter 209 Yueying Stakeholders' Meeting 1

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The scandal did not die down. Instead, it was gaining more and more traction.

The media started reporting it.

Due to City Z paying attention to the developmentof healthy childrenlately, words like “orphanage” had become seemingly sensitive. Needless to say, the whole matter turned into a pretty big deal.

Huge crowds of reporters flooded the entrance of Yueying Culture Media Company. Everyone wanted an explanation from Xi Xinyi, including the Han Corporation as well.

Deng Wenwen succumbed under the pressure and held a press conference to give an explanation regarding this matter. It was the stakeholders’ meeting tomorrow, after all, and she needed to be cautious.

Yueying’s current situation was like a ship sailing in a storm. One more large wave and it would sink, and since Yueying was Deng Wenwen’s heart and soul, she could not just let it go down.

Naturally, Xi Xinyi attended the press conference, and as Xi Xiaye predicted before, she gave up on the ownership of the land.

At this moment, Xi Xiaye was standing on the edge of the New Era Plaza. She raised her head and looked at the enormous television screen on the wall, which was live-streaming Xi Xinyi’s press conference.

Under the pressure of countless flashlights, Xi Xinyi was still able to remain composed as she gave her explanation to the crowd. Of course, she was just following a perfectly edited speech.

“I genuinely apologize for causing many doubts and misunderstanding. I’ve been keeping an eye on the orphanage for a long time and have mentioned it to CEO Han several times. He was concerned as well. Recently, the government has been very active in charity work for children with a purpose to encourage everyone to pay attention to the children in our city and be concerned about their development. I think that I should do my part as well, and the decision to buy the orphanage land was made after a long discussion with CEO Han. It was to help them protect their home”

In the end, Xi Xinyi was forced to donate the land to the orphanage as well as $3 million as renovation fees.

Xi Xiaye herself was shocked by how valuable that piece of land was. Xi Xinyi did not have a choice now but to let go of this extremely valuable land.

Impressed by Xi Xinyi’s decisiveness, Xi Xiaye had a sarcastic grin on her face as her eyes were filled with interest.

Xi Xinyi, how did it feel like to suffer a double loss after trying to trick me?

Naturally, it was a rare occurrence for such a large donation in City Z. Even with a top star like Xi Xinyi, it was unnatural for her to just give it away, especially when Yueying Culture Media Company was infamous for being stingy in the industry.

Doubts started coming from the reporters.

“Ms. Xi, Ning An Orphanage mentioned there was neither any discussion about the purchase of the orphanage nor any donations at all, yet you told us about this today. Are you just doing it out of guilt?”

“Ms. Xi, please explain!”

The reporters were asking tough questions. Xi Xinyi’s reasoning did not seem convincing enough. Of course, she dared not mention Xi Xiaye’s name in public because not only would this make things difficult with Xi Mushan, but it would also become a much worse mess than this.

Xi Xinyi just wanted this matter to end as soon as possible.

Xi Xiaye stopped watching. She turned around and walked through the crowd focused on the enormous screen, arriving beside her car after a while.

The moment she reached the car, Mu Yuchen opened the door for her from the inside.

“What took you so long?” He asked quietly as she got into the car.

She buckled her seatbelt and started the car as she replied, “I took a look at Xi Xinyi’s press conference. As I imagined, she gave up on the orphanage. I’m really impressed though. She’s really generous.”

“You made her do that, didn’t you?”

He laughed as he grabbed a document and put it inside her briefcase. “Vice President Liu will be waiting for you at the office tomorrow. Get these documents to him.”

“Mmm, by the way, Su Nan and Ruan Heng’s wedding is the day after tomorrow. I picked a set of jewelry out for them and I gave it to them under our name in case I’m alone that day… Are you really going to play golf with Grandpa that day?”

He nodded. “I have something to talk to him about. Attend the wedding with Mother.”

“What is it about?” She frowned in doubt as she could tell that something was up.

“You probably guessed it. It’s related to the South River project.” He placed the briefcase back.

“So, it really is about the South River project… I remember that Qikai and the Han Corporation are interested in this as well. Grandpa mentioned it before, remember? Qikai is pretty capable. Didn’t I give you some information on Qikai before? Qikai’s Master, Qi Lei, had just taken on the role of the Vice CEO, and he seemed very confident about this project. Did you check them out?”

He was startled for a moment. An obscure light appeared under his eyes and he did not reply as he was in deep thoughts.

“I’m talking to you. Hello?” Xi Xiaye glanced at him and saw the coldness in his quiet eyes unlike the silence from before, which was why she asked.

Mu Yuchen snapped out of his thoughts quickly and placed a finger on his forehead. “I’m fine. I know our chances of winning are surely much higher with Fuhua backing us up. Don’t worry. I’ve got this.”

“I’ll check Qikai outin these few days. They seem to be working with a foreign company. Our city has been encouraging forging bonds with external forces. Qikai’s power is nearly the same as us Glory World, so we have to be careful about them doing something behind our back. They are known for pulling tricks.” Mu Yuchen suddenly remembered that Mu Tangchuan had reminded him about this before as well.

“Mmm, I’ve asked Vice President Zhang to take note. Don’t worry.”

She was doubtful as she could feel that he was not really paying attention. While she tilted her head over and was about to ask something, he looked outside with a lonely expression.

After some hesitation, she averted her gaze away and did not say anything. She focused forward and sped the car up.

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