The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife Chapter 282

Chapter 282 Already Have What I Seek 3

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Han Yifeng did not answer. He just widened his eyes that felt hot with anger and disappointment and looked at Xi Xinyi in front of him.

Almost every time he saw her like this, he would not be able to help but feel his heart ache, yet now he seemed to feel numb.

He breathed in deeply, and suddenly closed his eyes to calm down for a while before slowly opening them again. The emotions in his eyes seemed to have been tamped back as they returned to be still and clear.

He looked at Xi Xinyi and was about to say something, yet when the words reached his lips, he did not know what else he could say. He fell silent for a moment, then finally lowered his gaze and decided to just silently walked over with his head lowered.

He desperately needed a quiet space to arrange his messy emotions. He needed to let his heart that felt so tense that it could break down to finally have a chance for a momentary rest.

However, Xi Xinyi seemed like she could not wait. As Han Yifeng walked past her indifferently, her heart that had already been emptied suddenly felt sliced. She seemed to be able to envision a sharp knife stabbing into her heart, fresh blood starting to drip down. She felt her body go weak, and she could not bear it anymore. Her vision turned black as she fell to the ground.


Han Yu who had followed Han Yifeng out saw this scene, so he cried out in alarm immediately. The sharp-sighted Han Yifeng also ran to hold Xi Xinyi as she fell.

Han Yi frowned, his expression tensed as he walked up and quickly said, “Quick! Quickly go to the hospital! Why did she come?”

Han Yifeng’s expression darkened while he looked gloomily at the weak Xi Xinyi in his arms. He breathed in deeply and had to carry her before rushing to the elevator.

The festive holidays went on for three days, and Xi Xiaye was lazy for once. Last night, she watched movies with Mr. Mu till midnight. They had watched quite a few newly released Western blockbusters in a row all the way until they could not open their eyes any longer. Then, they were happy to go to sleep.

They slept all the way until 10 a.m. When she woke up, the man was no longer beside her. His warm spot in the bed had also cooled, but his smell was still faintly in the air.

Xi Xiaye got up unhurriedly. She pulled at her messy head of hair, changed into a simple home outfit from the wardrobe, and then walked to the bathroom.

A short while after, she was done washing up and walked out with her tidily combed, waist-length hair, she looked around the corridors upstairs and did not see him. She was to go downstairs when she heard the lapping of water.

She raised her brows and hesitated. Then, she turned to walk to the balcony.

She had just pushed open the glass door when the cold wind poured in, causing the muslin curtains to rustle and sway gently in the air. A light, cold moistness met her face. Before her was still the gloomy sky engulfed in clouds and mist amid the drizzle as the light rain fell…

She walked to the railing and looked down. Indeed, in the wide swimming pool, she saw the man swimming. On the soft couch underneath the beach umbrella by the side were his clothes and a book.

Was he crazy?

It was a cold, rainy day and he was swimming?

In fact, he had not even fully recovered. Last night, she vaguely heard him suppressing his cough, and now…

Xi Xiaye frowned in silence for a while. Then, she looked up at the gloomy, hazy sky and the drizzle that kept falling. A long while after that, she finally could not help but sigh softly, and abruptly turned to leave the balcony.

After another solid lap, he heard the splashing of water. He emerged from the water, breaking the momentary silence on the surface.

Mu Yuchen lifted a hand to wipe the water droplets on his face away. He breathed in, turned around, and leaned against the cold wall of the pool to catch his breath. His long and delicate lashes fluttered for a while, and silently watched the ripples that continued before him.

“Going swimming so early in the morning on a cold rainy spring day. You sure have pretty good hobbies.”

Suddenly, Xi Xiaye’s calm and peaceful voice came from behind. It sounded a little raspy because she had not recovered from her cold yet.

He blinked and looked toward the source of the sound. He then noticed that she had already stopped behind him and was handing him a clean towel, watching him from above.

“You’re awake.”

His low and husky voice blurted out these two words and before Xi Xiaye could answer, he dove into the pool once again, creating a splash.

After a lap, he then unhurriedly climbed up to the side and took the towel she handed him. He put it over him and looked at her pale little face to say softly, “I thought you’d sleep into the afternoon.”

“I was woken up by hunger. Let’s go back. You’re swimming when you haven’t recovered. You really treat your body like nothing.”

She looked calmly at him. Without waiting for his answer, she already bent over to pick up the things on the table.

“It’s just a way of training. Today, I’ll go out with you,” he answered softly, then put an arm around her shoulder and walked into the villa with her.

Xi Xiaye carried his clothes and followed his lead as she answered, “I’m not going to be tormented anymore. We’ll stay home to rest well the next two days…”

Yet, before she could finish, the sound of the phone suddenly rang. It was coming from the clothes in her arms.

“Answer it,” he said as he dried his wet hair with a towel.

Xi Xiaye swiftly took out the phone, and without even looking, she answered it casually while carrying the clothes in her arms. Before she could say anything, a clear voice had come from the other end.

It was a girl’s voice, and it sounded very sweet. “Bro, I’m arriving at City Z’s XX airport tomorrow afternoon at 4 p.m. Come pick me up.”

When the voice finished, Xi Xiaye was stunned. She subconsciously raised a brow and turned to the man who was drying his hair…

Had the person on the phone called him her brother?

Then, she must be…

She must be the legendary sister-in-law. No, no wait. It should be his cousin… Mu Lingshi?


When the person on the other end did not get an answer, she started to call out in confusion. Then, Xi Xiaye handed the phone to him and softly, “I think it’s…”

He glanced at her and noticed her odd expression, so he took the phone.

“Hello?” His low, raspy voice was heard very quickly.

“Is there someone beside you? Why didn’t you answer for such a long time? I’m arriving in City Z tomorrow at 4 p.m. Pick me up,” Mu Lingshi said very quickly.

“Have you told Grandfather and Grandmother?”

Mu Yuchen’s handsome face darkened slightly although his raspy voice sounded like it contained gentleness.

“No, I’ll give them a surprise, I guess. Right, you should come back to the Mu residence tomorrow night too. Bring Sis-in-law along! I’m quite interested to know the kind of woman that made you willing to get married…”

“Mmm, you’ll meet her.” When Mu Yuchen said this, he glanced at the woman beside him.

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