The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife Chapter 801

Chapter 801 Sudden Change 4

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Qi Lei did not hear the rest of what she had to say as his mind was filled with what Wang Qin had just told him.

Qi Feng hit Mu Lingtian?

Shasha was let down?

Qi Feng had always been one to act properly. In fact, his kinship with Lingtian might even be tighter because, from a certain aspect, he and Mu Lingtian had similar backgrounds, so they could empathize with each other on many things. Many times, they could resonate with one another, so compared to Qi Lei, he was closer to Lingtian.

Qi Feng had always treated Lingtian like his own brother, and he had never seen them fight. Even though Qi Lei and Mu Lingtian would usually argue, Qi Feng would usually be on Mu Lingtian’s side, and what she said right now…

Qi Lei’s gaze started to be filled with mixed feelings. His expression shifted as he hesitated, but he finally did not say anything. His hand on the side clenched slightly, and his calm expression from earlier begun to crack.

Wang Qin had been quietly observing Qi Lei, so she naturally took in all of his reactions. When she saw that the twist in his expression, she thought about it before asking, “What’s wrong, Xiao Lei? Why do you look so terrible?”

“Since you know that Gu Lingsha is no longer the way she was, you’ll have to be more vigilant yourself. A woman like her is really dangerous. Don’t be fooled, and when you have the time, you should look around to see if there are any suitable girls. You aren’t getting any younger. It’s time to find yourself a woman for life. As long as she’s not a scheming and shameless woman like Gu Lingsha, with a good background, I’d accept her.”

When Wang Qin noticed that Qi Lei did not say anything, she continued, “Previously, you didn’t like Miss Xian Er, so I didn’t force you either. Having a girl with a decent background could be helpful for your career, but how many aristocratic families will be truly simple? Sometimes, those girls from a more ordinary background might be better, so you’ll have to choose them carefully.”

Even though she was not willing to bring this up with Qi Lei, upon seeing that he was turning 30 soon, she could not help but feel a little anxious.

“You don’t have to care about my matters. Just do your own things well,” Qi Lei said softly, seeming melancholic. There was an indescribable gloomy air around him that filled this narrow space. His gaze slowly fell, yet Wang Qin could clearly see the faint worry that was hidden in his eyes.

She could not help but sigh. Finally, she did not say anything as she helplessly turned to look out of the car window.

The night lights were becoming ever more dazzling. The brilliant colors cast a magnificent light onto the gloomy sky as the low-profile Phaeton slowly drove underneath the lights. Inside the warm car, Xi Xiaye was watching a music video on Mu Yuchen’s phone as she leaned against him and stayed close to him. Mu Yuchen’s handsome face contained a faint tenderness as he quietly watched her play with the phone. His dark eyes were filled with gentle sentiment while his long arms held onto her frail shoulders tightly.

“Mr. Mu, I actually realize that you have the potential to be a national idol. If you’re willing to be an ambassador for Glory World, I can guarantee that we’d get much better results than our current spokespersons,” she said with a soft chuckle as she blinked her starry eyes and beamed at him.

“How so?” He raised his handsome brows and smiled faintly.

Xi Xiaye cleared her throat and went closer to his ears as she whispered softly, “Because you’re more handsome and more charismatic than them!”

When he heard that, he chuckled, and then turned away bashfully to look out of the window. Just as he wanted to say something, Li Si’s mobile phone suddenly vibrated. It was the subordinates calling.

“Master, it’s a call from City B,” reported Li Si’s voice. Mu Yuchen’s smile then slowly faded away as he reached out to take it while Xi Xiaye subconsciously turned to look at him too.

She did not know what the other end said, but Mu Yuchen only answered calmly. In a moment, his expression sank. After that, the tenderness in his eyes had all settled down, only to be replaced with gloominess.

Upon seeing that, the smile on Xi Xiaye froze. She reached out to hold onto his arms as she frowned slightly.

After a while, Mu Yuchen hung up and handed the phone back to Li Si. His handsome expression had returned to its usual indifference, yet his dark gaze flickered from dark to neutral, so you could not quite tell how he was feeling at that moment.

“What’s wrong?” Xi Xiaye asked carefully. Since it was from City B, it was most likely related to the Gu family or Mu Zi.

Xi Xiaye knew that he had been spending a lot of effort investigating Mu Zi’s matters. After the auction that happened after the New Year, his mood had been fluctuating since the outcome of the investigation was indeed worrying. Right now, the DNA tests were still being run quietly, and all of the matters that involved Lingtian recently could never see the light of the day. If they were exposed, it would cause a huge storm, and the consequences were not something that everyone could respectively bear.

When she finished, Mu Yuchen sighed and hugged her by the shoulders even tighter as he said calmly, “It’s fine. It’s just some not very good news. Let’s talk about it when we get home tonight.”

Then, he ordered Li Si ahead, “Li Si, tell the people behind us to follow us more closely.”

“Got it, Master!” Li Si quickly answered.

“Xiaye, stay close to me later. Don’t run around alone. This time for the banquet on the ship, from the moment we sail from the South River dock until we reach the next port, we’ll just arrange for the cars to pick us up from there,” Mu Yuchen reminded Xi Xiaye again.

Xi Xiaye nodded gently and responded obediently, “Mmm, don’t worry. I’ve already called Grandmother. Tonight, she’ll take care of our son for us. It’s fine if we go home later.”

“Mmm, we’ll pick him up tomorrow. Grandmother couldn’t have wished for more days with them.”

As Mu Yuchen finished, the car drove slowly into the carpark at the dock ahead before coming to a steady stop.

“Master, Missus, we’ve reached the South River dock! It’s quite lively outside!” Li Si mentioned as he walked around to open the car door.

Mu Yuchen got down from the car first. He stood firmly on the ground before reaching into the car. Xi Xiaye naturally put her hand into his and let him guide her unhurriedly out the car.

She had just steadied herself when there were lots of explosions as numerous dazzling lights flashed in her sight in an interweaved and disorderly manner.

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