The Overbearing Chief Husband's Favorite: Baby Chapter 213

Chapter 213: What did you do last night?

She really looked sleepy, her eyes were blurred and her voice was quite mellow.

Luo Yibei was actually no animal to the point where his sperm would wreak havoc to his brain. But when she was downstairs just now, seeing her snuggled with Xiao Zuo together, made him want to toss her a bit.

Nevertheless, it was really quite late so with a light bite on her lips, he evacuated his position and laid down beside her.

Fang Chixia gave a sigh of relief and after wrapping herself with the quilt, continued to sleep.

The next day, she got up a little early and woke up before Xiao Zuo. It was mainly for not wanting him to know that she and Luo Yibei were staying in the same room.

After all, Xiao Zuo was just a kid and she doesnt want to let him know more and inadvertently spill when he goes back.

As long as Luo Yibei was there, Xiao Zuo was particularly carefree. His cold demeanor would all melt away. When he was coming to the table and saw him there, the little figure ran over and sat down close to him.

I still want to stay here today. Fiddling with the cutlery on the table, he said.

No, you have to go back today. Luo Yibei answered back without looking at him iwith an unbreakable resolve.

Why? There are so many rooms here! Xiao Zuo couldnt understand.

Luo Yibei raised his face up and smiled at him.

Because he was home today, he naturally has to go back!

He left that unsaid. With the same stoic countenance he changed approach, I heard that the younger sister of the nextdoor uncle be back today!

A new family has moved next door to the Luos mansion in recent years. The family has a mixed-race baby at home, a little girl of five who is specially cute.

Everytime the little girl visits the Luos residence, Xiao Zuo, who had always been high, liked to play with the little girl and treated her like doll.

Luo Yibei deliberately mentioned this matter in an attempt to use the baby to take Xiao Zuo away.

When Xiao Zuo heard him, his eyes brightened obviously but he quickly snorted, What fun is that little girl? She always covered in snot, so dirty.

He spoke with disdain, but has then turned absent-minded, as if his thoughts has already drifted home long ago.

Luo Yibei observed his reaction quietly but did not give him away.

Fang Chixia was preparing breakfast in the kitchen. The girl roved before the huge kitchen countertop busying herself to and fro.

Xiao Zuo watched her like this and his view that Luo Yibei has picked her up along the road, was further strengthened.

If she hadnt been picked up like a stray kitten or puppy, how could she have been pathetic resembling a servant?

Ill help you. Xiao Zuo couldnt stand anymore. He stepped down from his chair and went to help her carry the plates, ending up busy bustling the food about.

The breakfast for the three wasnt ready yet when the ringtone of Luo Yibeis phone suddenly rang.

The caller ID showed Shi Jinyangs but after receiving it, Tong Yans voice was heard.

Luo Yibei looked down at his watch, 7:00.

Frowning, Tong Yans voice just sounded when he followed it with a question, What did you do last night?

Tong Yan seemed to have been choked by his question. After a long silence, she returned, I am with Shi Jinyang at the hospital. I dont know what is going on now. Come over!

Luo Yibei was stunned. The expression on his face slowly hardened. He took his coat and went out.

Where are you going? Behind him came Fang Chixias questioning voice.

Lets go together! Luo Yibei looked at her an d Xiao Zuo, then gestured with his eyes. He then walked ahead and proceeded outside.

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