The Prodigious Princess Qin Zetian Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Chapter 16

(Prince Wang Haoran's POV)

I came back from the neighboring kingdom, I saluted to my father emperor and head straight to my mother's palace.

"Ran'er you're back earlier than I thought! Come close to mommy and let me see you"

"Mother I'm not a child anymore" I sat next to her and she inspected me, then she pinched my cheeks

"No matter what you will always be my beloved little son. It's a pity your siblings are not here"

"Where did they went?"

"Oh Roushi asked me to go and attend a food tasting event with her best friend"

"Roushi has a best friend? Since when, who and why was I not informed by that brat?" my mother chuckled

"Your sister is getting older and older, she needs to make friends. Don't worry it's the right prime minister's daughter, Qin Zetian. The youngest amongst the children of Mr. Qin, actually I am waiting for them to comeback. Rou'er said she'll negotiate with her best friend and join the business industry"

"Business industry? Mother she's too young and immature for that--"

"Don't fret, her best friend opened the largest restaurant here in the capital. I will catch news from the madams who attended the food tasting event. With the help of Mr. Qin's daughter our Rou'er has become sensible these past few days. She also liked socializing more with other people, so let her be."

I sighed

My mother can't prevent me from worrying, that brat is the youngest amongst us her children and harm is always inevitable. She might draw too much attention. Noise suddenly enveloped my mother's courtyard as footsteps echoed through the hallway.

"Mother! We are back, we've brought tons of food for you!"

"The emperor has arrived!" Eunuch Li announced

"Oh brother you're here?"

"Silly this isn't me look I'm just a talking picture!" everyone chuckled

"Why are you here?" my mother pointed at father emperor

"Why? Can't I visit my lovely wife?"

"No... You're only here to steal meals from me, you go away! go away!"

All of us laughed as well as the emperor.

"These food should be enough for all of us!"

"Let the maidservants serve them and we will eat together"

Everyone agreed.

When each of the basket was opened the mouth watering smell raised our appetites. It feels like all of us wanted to devour the meal. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

"Such powerful cooking technique, where did these recipes came from Rou'er?" my mother is a big fan of tasting delicacies and different types of food, so I can say that she's already an expert to this

"Mother Ze'er passed these recipes to the chef, what I'm wondering is that she has lots of recipes that even their family members never knew of"

"She must be a really gifted child!" the emperor laughed

"Everything is ready, we shall start eating!" my fifth brother commented

"You came home full and now you're acting like a hungry bat!" mother joked

I pick up my chopsticks and chose some of the meals. And when I tasted them, I never thought heaven on earth is possible.

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