The Prodigious Princess Qin Zetian Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Chapter 19

"Will you tell me something now?"

"To hell with you!" Wuxiaworld for visiting.

I chuckled

"Give me the knife, make sure the ropes are tightly knitted"

I stood and walk towards her. I held the knife effortless and started cutting through her skin.

"This is how I usually peel someone's skin off, the thinner it gets the better"

If you watch me from afar you might think that I'm only peeling mangoes. Her skin is nonetheless so soft, really not intended for a skin owned by a maid. She must be serving someone with great power, for her to maintain such healthy glow. She wailed in pain.

"Your arms and your legs are done. This knife is great! Let me try peeling your stomach, the thicker the skin the better. Talk while I peel you, I need information from you. And if you won't... then stay that way and endure till your soft skin become fresh meat. The dogs will be delighted to have you for breakfast."

A sinister laugh escaped my lips, making everyone present scared of me.

"You bitch! Wait till my master rescue me"

"Your master will arrive by the time all of my dogs have their share of you. Sounds fun right? No one can stop me even when they try to sneak an attack. You better start confessing, I don't have patience over these small matters. Give me the salt water and add some vinegar."

Hatred and tears are visible on her face. I've seen this look for a thousand times and I love remembering those people who had the same fate in my hands. I got needles from my sleeves and let all of them seep through her veins living holes on the uppermost layer of her skin. I smiled

Then I poured the solution of salt and vinegar on her arms and legs. The flesh look like its half cooked. She cried and shouted in agony.

"Change the ropes into wires, tie her with wires before you remove the ropes. This type of wires are thinner compared to the strings of a zither. One wrong move and you'll cut your body. So tell me about your master before we continue with the torture."

She still shook her head.

"What a loyal cat, let's continue"

I peeled her stomach.

"Give me the liquor"

I forcibly let her gulp a tablet then I let her drink the liquor.

After that the remaining contents are poured into her wounds. This time she screamed and looked like she's about to faint. She clenched her jaw, but that is useless.

"My master is the crown prince of the East, he want to evade the household of the Right Prime Minister and kill his remaining daughter to secure the alliance between his sister's marriage and the emperor's heir. You will become the obstacle so you need to be eliminated as soon as possible"

I laughed hard, this confession pill is really interesting.

"How many spies are here?"

"There are about half of the household servants"

She clenched her jaw and shook her head but she is powerless against me.

"Where will I get their identity papers?"

"It is at the bottom of the cabinet in Lin Sha's room"

I chuckled and raised my sword.

One sweep of it and her head fell to the ground.

"Feed her body to the wolves. We don't need to have a burial."

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