The Prodigious Princess Qin Zetian Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Chapter 20

Half of the residential servants have been massacred, staining my sword with blood. The bustling business of my restaurant reached the epitome of wealth. For over a week the business earned three hundred million taels of gold coins.

The food is not that expensive but customers are addicted to its taste. They order by bundle, by combo or family sized meals. The stock of ingredients are renewed twice a day to fulfill the rising need. Even imperial families from other kingdoms come over to have a taste. And some even planned to stay. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

"Shopkeeper Sheng can you call all of our staff for a meeting before we close the store, every end of the month we will have a meeting."

Food was prepared thoroughly and everyone was seated on their places. I sat on the stage and took hold of the account books. It's good that not a single penny is missing. And I am satisfied with their efficient work. There are about a hundred and fifty employees.

"Every end of the month we will have a staff meeting, this is to ensure that I keep track on the progress of the business. Since the restaurant earns big I will likely increase your salaries per month. Right now I want to congratulate everyone for their hard work. The benefits of following me is a good life. I am planning to expand and buy fields for crops. Those who have family members that doesn't have a job can apply. We will directly supply our own restaurant since there's a huge increase whenever we buy fresh ingredients outside."

The faces of my employees are full of hope.

"Your loyalty and hard work is needed. Before you signed those contracts two months ago it was indicated that those who will betray me will be killed and I am not getting back on my words. If the business market is successful over a year, I will personally build houses for all of you. It will be payable by installment loans and much more cheaper in comparison with the government housing. I want my employees to live a better life."

Everyone clapped and some of them cried.

These people have nothing. No permanent homes or whatsoever. Some of them steal to get food and earn a living for their families. Gladly they have worked for me.

I just need to purchase lands for them. I am not a corrupted person, so what I enjoy they will also have. What I eat they can also eat.

"Everyone will be treated fairly. Do not worry, promotions depend on one's capabilities. These meals in front of you are free, once a month we will have these. There are countless benefits and insurance to each of you. As for the insurance, I will arrange for a new team. They will ensure that if something happens to you the future of your families will be secured. A good example of that is education. To those employees who have children at home you can assure that I as the boss won't be too stingy. I'll arrange and build classrooms for them and they will learn. Aside from that, those who will rank top can have the privilege of attending imperial academies"

"Thank you boss! We owe our lives to you!"

Each of them gave their praises.

The wealth that we acquire here on Earth cannot be brought with us when we die, so might as well share them.

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