The Prodigious Princess Qin Zetian Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Chapter 2

"Ze'er you've made us so worried, you know how much we dote on you but do not expect me not to prohibit you from climbing up trees. A young lady needs not such dangerous hobbies, unless you're learning martial arts."

The right prime minister Qin Fengmian is my father, son of the previous right prime minister. He has two brothers, my second uncle Qin Wulang is a military general who is stationed at the northern border. He has a daughter and no sons. And my third uncle is also a minister next to my father who is famous for his mining operations, Qin Haochen. He has two sons and no daughters.

My mother is Feng Mulan, daughter of the right prime minister from the neighboring kingdom of the west. She came for political relations between two kingdoms, but since she wanted to stay as the only wife she married my father. They fell in love with each other as my father came to the northwest region of the kingdom and save her from the bandits.

I have two brothers, Qin Lushan and Qin Huang Xi. Qin Lushan as the eldest son followed the steps of my father, he also earned military accolades and girls fawn over him. My second brother Qin Huang Xi followed my second uncle to the battlefield, since my second uncle lacked a son. He said he wanted to be a great general.

I on the other hand remained here. I stared at the faces of my parents, they really look like a loving couple. I wonder how dangerous my family is when I start digging our family background. To have a stable standing in court with so many merits in our family it's no wonder that everyone here is unimaginably strong, wise and smart.

I swiftly nod in response to my father's request. These coming days will be very different, since I am far similar from their dead daughter. I want to build connections between different kingdoms.

"Ze'er you need to rest well. Your father will get back to court and I need to prepare for the gifts that we will bring tomorrow night at the banquet." my mother spoke full of gentleness Wuxiaworld for visiting.

"Ze'er promise me that you will take care of yourself, don't make us worried sick about you. Your health is of great importance, remember you are the only child left in our household, what will we do without you?" the worries on my father's face reminded me of my father back in modern times, oh how I miss my father.

I watched their backs as they left the door.

I sighed.

It will sure become stressful these coming days. Adjustments are needed, and I also need to be careful about displaying my abilities. In this era walls have ears. Without further efforts my health or my safety will become other people's target.

Pain erupted in my head again. I sighed and closed my eyes. Tomorrow will be the start of a big change and I need to live this second life no matter how hard it will be.

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