The Prodigious Princess Qin Zetian Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Chapter 33

I helped her climb on top of the horse. It's good that she learns fast. Or maybe it has something to do with her origins.

"Okay listen to me. Riding is a sport, meaning it's quite physical and can be enjoyed on a number of skill levels. I can teach you how to ride with safety tips, how to get on a horse on your own, and how to walk, trot and post on a horse. You need to ride without bouncing and there's a good technique to do that, you will also need to learn how to canter, gallop, jump and dismount the horse."

"This horse is so muscular big sister and its hair is so soft"

"Hmm, at all cost you need to treat it like your person. It has a life, do not order it around and give it another level of value."

She nodded, then eventually the learning progressed. We ended up on the manor of a magistrate. He politely welcomed us in his humble home.

"This humble one is the daughter of the right prime minister, I am called Qin Zetian. Elder we are here to purchase some lands legally, the procedures will be done by Elder Sheng. We will trouble you for accompanying us to venture the on sale lands though"

"Oh no problem, no problem... This old man has been appointed as a legal broker by the emperor. It's not a problem dear, come let's get going. The fields are wide and it might take us forever if we don't move now"

I nodded then went out of his house. He offered a carriage, but I humbly turn it down. The weather is good and riding a horse makes everything better. Each of us took a horse to ride on. While Weishen followed behind silently.

"These lands why are they abandoned?"

"Young miss these lands are crop lands before, but the bandits usually attack to gather food and sometimes kill people. It is very dangerous in this area and business could not foster"

"How wide is this area?"

"It's about a hundred hectares"

"How much is a price"

"Though it is abandoned the price is still the same as the standard selling price"

"I'd like to purchase it"

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, and don't worry about the bandits I have good ways in dealing them"

"Okay, let's head to a nearby restaurant."

"Great idea" Wuxiaworld for visiting.

We are all headed to the restaurant that was built two miles away from the area. It was luxurious and for sure the owner isn't someone ordinary. He must have a good power, since this mountain is raided often by the bandits. And the local tribes were already gone. Preserving something in the wild without being harmed should cost a lot of expenses.

The restaurant is another level in everything. The design is good although it cannot compare to my shop in the capital, it is very modest and clean. The magistrate ordered food for all of us. I also told one ofnmy subordinates to order food for the soldiers accompanying us.

But I discovered one thing on the food.

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