The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1

Yu Corporation.

Overlooking the city and towering into the sky, the skyscraper stood tall in a place where rental prices were equally "sky-high"the financial center of City H.

Lined up neatly in two rows, the employees waited patiently for the arrival of the "boss."


A luxurious looking sports car buzzed in, parking effortlessly at the entrance of the skyscraper.

The first thing that came into view was a slender-looking pair of legs wrapped within black suit pants. Treading on ground, this pair of legs seemed to have also trod their way into everyone's hearts.

When the man's perfect facial features were revealed, the people present couldn't help but gasp.

Those distinct facial contours were paired with a sharp pair of eyebrows...

Not forgetting the seemingly unfathomable pair of eyes and the slight smirk of the lipswas he smiling or was he not?

Wherever his gaze landed, everyone unknowingly lowered their heads. It was an act of inferiority.

"Young Master Han..."

The two rows of employees greeted in unison.

With a hand tucked in his pocket, his short and pure black hair glistened under the sunlight. Under the attention of everyone, Yu Yuehan collected his gaze and walked up the stairs slowly.

The atmosphere seemed to be solemn, with everything moving systematically until...

"Daddi!" a young, tender voice sliced through the silence.

The next second, a precious looking child emerged from nowhere. Standing behind the crowd, the child whizzed beneath all their legs, took big steps, and ran forward.

With a small frame, she seemed to be only a year old.

Before anyone had the chance to react, the child appeared in front of Yu Yuehan.

"Daddi... Daddi, Daddi..."

Just like a curse, that loud, tingling voice rang in the ears of everyone present.


Just that simple word sent everyone present into a frenzy.

It was a well-known fact that Yu Yuehan did not lust after women.

So... how did he father a child all of a sudden?!

"Let go!" Yu Yuehan said in an ice-cold voice between gritted teeth. At the same time, he lowered his gaze to the tender-looking child who was hugging his legs.

Annoyance was evidently detected.

He had never laid his hands on any woman, so having a child was entirely impossible!

The bodyguards around him were clearly awakened by this callous voice. They hurriedly went forward and prepared to carry the child away...

Just as they extended their hands, they caught a glimpse of something and froze.

With reactions akin to seeing something haunted, their eyes widened. "Han... Young Master Han... This child..."

"Wah, wah..."

The child wailed loudly alongside the exclamations of the bodyguards.

With pouting lips, the child cried miserably. It was as if she knew she was unwanted.

Tears poured uncontrollably from her huge, watery eyes.

At the instant when she looked up, her delicate and tiny face was revealed to the crowd.

The crowd barely controlled themselves from exclaiming out loud. Those facial features were horrifyingly similar to Yu Yuehan's!

However, it was not the child's facial features that caused the bodyguards to be seized with fearit was the piece of paper hanging right in front of the child...

"Young Master Han, a DNA testing report is attached to the child." The bodyguard retrieved the report carefully and handed it over to Yu Yuehan.

As Yu Yuehan read the contents of the report thoroughly, his deep and soulful eyes suddenly dilated. He clutched the report tightly.

"Seal this place and find the mother of the child!"

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