The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 109

Ever since the assistant left the meeting room, Yu Yuehan continued to get distracted in his seat.

This was the umpteenth time he had looked at his cell phone.

When the screen lit up, he swiped the phone screen without hesitation.

When he saw the message, his eyes brightened.

It appeared that while he was not present, she had brought Xiao Liuliu around and had a good time together.

They moved from one department to the next, as if they were taking a tour and admiring the scenery.

After Xiao Liuliu had fallen asleep, she did not take a break and visited the planning department.

The meeting was still ongoing, but his thoughts were all focused on his cell phone.

He kept reading the updates from his assistant regarding her every move...

When the meeting finally ended, he instantly got up from his seat and left the meeting room. Instead of returning to his own office, he went straight into the elevator and headed to the planning department.

He tried to imagine what the look on her face would be when they met.

The corners of his mouth lifted uncontrollably.

However, he had not expected such a scene when he reached the entrance of the planning department...

"Are you okay?"

Yu Yuehan tightened his grip around her waist as he held her close and reached out to lift her chin to look for himself.

The magnetic voice betrayed a tinge of concern.

Hearing his voice, Nian Xiaomu blinked a few times to look carefully at the person who had descended from the skies and landed in front of her. Her little face drew a blank.

When she regained her composure, she pursed her lips and shook her head.

She could sense the anger in him and instinctively wanted to back down. However, he did not release his hand from around her waist and walked into the planning department instead.

"Young Master Han..."

No one had expected that Yu Yuehan would appear at this moment.

Everyone spontaneously bowed and greeted him.

Recalling what had just happened, the eyes of the employees revealed their panic and guilt.

This was especially the case for the person who had intentionally spilled the water.

Seeing Yu Yuehan's eyes land on her, her whole body trembled in fear. The water glass slipped out of her hands and dropped to the floor.

"Master, Master Han, I did not do it on purpose. I was careless..."

She had simply been outraged that Nian Xiaomu, a mere nurse, had gotten close to everyone's heartthrob.

She thought that Nian Xiaomu was the sort of woman who do not know any better and needed to suffer some embarrassment in order to know her place.

She thought that Nian Xaomu was only a nurse and that it was no big deal even if she offended her.

She did not think that Yu Yuehan would suddenly appear and even reach out to hold Nian Xiaomu in front of so many people!

"You could not even hold a glass of water properly. It appears that you would not be able to handle the challenging work of the planning department." Yu Yuehan let go of Nian Xiaomu, put a hand in his pocket, and slowly stepped forward.

His regal aura and imposing stature was similar to that of an emperor. It caused everyone to hold their breaths.

It was a simple sentence, but it drained the blood out of the culprit's face.

Was she... being fired?

She wanted to plead for forgiveness, but Yu Yuehan did not even look at her again. His menacing eyes swept across the room.

At that moment, the rest of the people in the planning department froze in fear.

They were afraid that they would be the next one to be fired...

"Master Han." The planning manager rushed out of his office when he got the news.

When he saw a displeased Yu Yuehan standing at the door, his tubby figure trembled slightly. His heart turned cold when he took in the situation.

"Master Han, I can explain..."

Yu Yuehan threw him a frosty stare and replied, "I'll let this go and consider it an accident this time. If there is a next time, I will get rid of you, the manager, first."

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