The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 119

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She wanted to go on, but the assistant shot her a warning look.

Yu Yuehan’s orders would never be easily changed.

If she were to continue to pester him, she would not merely be transferred to another department, she would lose her job!

Secretary Wang silently choked back the words that were on the tip of her tongue and unwillingly turned to walk out of the president’s office.

Thinking that the culprit who had caused her to be transferred away was Nian Xiaomu, Wang Tianli turned her head and shot a glare at her.

“Wait a minute!” Nian Xiaomu suddenly spoke up.

Hearing this, the secretary’s eyes lit up, her heart refilling with hope.

She wished that Nian Xiaomu would pick a fight with her in front of Master Han so that she could put on a pitiful show in front of him. She could blame it on Nian Xiaomu for not getting along with her and instigating Little Miss to chase her away.

However, before she could even try to gain sympathy, Nian Xiaomu said very politely, “Shouldn’t Secretary Wang pass me Xiao Liuliu’s medical kit before she leaves? Don’t you agree that it’s best not to affect the timing of changing Xiao Liuliu’s dressing?”

“…” The secretary subconsciously wanted to deny that the medical kit was with her, but in front of Yu Yuehan, she did not dare to lie.

Otherwise, if Yu Yuehan found out that she had intentionally picked on Nian Xiaomu, she very well might end up like the colleague from the planning department!

Through gritted teeth, Secretary Wang replied, “Yes, I’ll be right back with the medical kit.”

She shuffled quickly out of the president’s office.

“Now can you say why you had insisted on changing the secretary?” Yu Yuehan placed Xiao Liuliu on the work desk and pinched her small face.

Xiao Liuliu pouted her lips and puffed up her cheeks.

“She bullied Pretty Sister and even asked me to chase her away.”

Xiao Liuliu wanted to protect Pretty Sister!

As the little girl explained herself, she pounced into Yu Yuehan’s arms. Then, she puckered her lips and gave him a peck on the face.

She cooed sweetly, “Daddi was so cool just now!”

Yu Yuehan: “… ”

Sugar-coated bullets!

Public relations department.

“Cousin, you must help me. It wasn’t easy for me to be transferred to the president’s office. To think that because of Nian Xiaomu, I have now been transferred out. I’ll become a laughing stock. How can I continue working in the Yu Corporation?”

Once Wang Tianli stepped into the manager’s office, she grabbed Wen Yadai and started to wail while recounting her sob story.

At first, she thought that Nian Xiaomu was merely a nurse and would be an easy target.

That was why she wanted to teach her a lesson.

Who knew that before she could deal with Nian Xiaomu, Yu Yuehan had ordered for her to be transferred out of the president’s office instead.

“You mean to say that Master Han did not ask you what happened, but transferred you out because of Nian Xiaomu?” Wen Yadai asked coldly as the color on her face grew darker.

“Well, not really. Nian Xiaomu didn’t even say anything. It was Little Miss… I don’t know what actually happened. Little Miss was on my side, but when she saw Master Han, she suddenly spoke up for that slut and insisted that Master Han send me away…”

Wang Tianli burst into loud sobs upon thinking about how everyone used to be green with envy when she was still at the president’s office.

Now that she had suddenly been transferred out, everyone would surely mock her, and she wouldn’t be able to stand it.

She held on tightly to Wen Yadai’s hands and pleaded, “Cousin, Master Han thinks so highly of you. Could you plead with him to let me return to the president’s office?”

The reason Wang Tianli had risen in rank so quickly in the secretarial department was mainly due to her connection with Wen Yadai.

Now that she was in trouble, her first reaction was too look for her cousin to help her take revenge.

As long as she could return to Master Han’s side, she would definitely make Nian Xiaomu have a taste of her own medicine no matter how long that might take!

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