The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 122

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She looked up in shock, turned toward Yu Yuehan, and said, “Master Han, but…”

“We are only discussing some routine proposals today. There won’t be any confidential details in our discussion, so it’s fine. Continue,” Yu Yuehan prompted her to go on with her report and narrowed his eyes as a tinge of impatience trickled into his tone.

Hearing this, Wen Yadai clenched her fists in irritation.

She had originally planned to use this chance to embarrass Nian Xiaomu, but failed to succeed in doing so.

However, when she thought about how Yu Yuehan had only allowed Nian Xiaomu to listen in because there was no confidential information to be shared in the discussion, she felt a bit better.

It was a complicated proposal regarding public relations; surely Nian Xiaomu would not be able to make sense of it even if she were to listen in.

Wen Yadai batted her eyelashes and squeezed a smile onto her face before she carried on with her report.

Nian Xiaomu was about to leave, but stopped in her tracks when she heard what he said.

She looked up in surprise and met with his eyes.

His face was cold, aloof, and did not reveal any emotions.

He only took a glance at her before shifting his gaze back to his work.

The way he acted seemed to suggest that the contents were really not of any importance.

Nian Xiaomu sat down again.

Since he said that she could listen in, she was not going to act awkward over it. Nian Xiaomu put away the book about nursing that she had been reading and listened carefully to what Wen Yadai was reporting.

By the end of the report, she suddenly understood why Yu Yuehan appreciated Wen Yadai’s ability more than others’.

Wen Yadai was really very professional.

She was meticulous in the planning of every big and small detail; from the design of the proposal to the various executive segments…

She had even come up with back-up plans for any emergency circumstances that could arise from several situations.

Listening to her discuss a report would certainly boost the confidence that collaborating partners had in the Yu Corporation.

If it were Nian Xiaomu, she would also hold this kind of competent subordinate in high regard.

“Miss Nian seems very interested in the work of the public relations department. I wonder if you have any thoughts regarding my proposal?” Wen Yadai closed the document shut and suddenly turned to look at Nian Xiaomu, casually throwing a question at her.

Her tone was gentle and sounded like she was only making small talk without saying anything too abruptly.

Hearing this, even Yu Yuehan raised his eyebrows and looked toward Nian Xiaomu.

It appeared that he was anticipating for her to say something that might surprise him.

Nian Xiaomu was lost in her thoughts and was startled when she suddenly realized that everyone’s attention was on her.

Very quickly, she shook her head.

“I was only curious, so I listened in.”

Hearing her words, Wen Yadai broke into a smile.

She knew it. How could a nurse possibly understand such a professional proposal?

It was a great honor for her to join them in the same meeting.

The disdain in Wen Yadai’s heart did not show on her face. Instead, she asked very courteously, “I heard that you have visited a few departments. Would you be interested in taking a look at the public relations department?

She had been too rash to put Nian Xiaomu down just now. It lacked graciousness on her part.

Since Nian Xiaomu demonstrated an interest in the public relations department, she should use this chance to take her there. It could also ease the awkwardness of what had happened earlier.

When Wen Yadai was done speaking, she turned and saw that Yu Yuehan had a warm expression on his face. It gave her confirmation that her decision was right.

“…” Nian Xiaomu did not reply immediately, but looked toward Yu Yuehan.

Seeing that he had no objections, she turned toward Wen Yadai.

“Thank you Manager Wen. I hope that I won’t disturb the work of your department.”

“It’s okay to just take a look.” Wen Yadai gracefully got up from her seat and took her leave from the office after checking that Yu Yuehan did not have any further instructions.

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