The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1508

Chapter 1508 Scaring Daddy

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Yanyan again.

Zheng Yan glared at him. He was enjoying it wasnt he?

Her dad meant that he could call her name Zheng Yan, not call her by her nickname Yanyan.

Zheng Yan sat down angrily beside him and wanted to say something. But, her dad was here and she didnt dare to. She could only glare at him.

Soon, the kitchen staff started to serve dinner.

When Zheng Mohong came back, he had not informed anyone.

The current mistress of the house, Zheng Yans stepmother, Ling Liwei had gone out with her friends for facials. She was not coming back soon.

As for Zheng Hao, if he knew that Zheng Mohong was not at home. He wouldnt need to pretend to be obedient, therefore, he would never come home on time.

Therefore, only Zheng Yan, her dad, and Mo Yongheng were at the dining table.

Because Mo Yongheng was a special guest, Zheng Mohong asked the kitchen to cook more dishes. He also kept asking Mo Yongheng to eat more.

He even asked Zheng Yan to get the dishes for Mo Yongheng.

Zheng Yan was still p*ssed off. She had just managed to snatch a piece of meat from Mo Yongheng and was eating it happily.

Upon hearing that, she answered, "Dad, Young Master Yongheng is very particular about hygiene. He doesnt eat food that others have touched."

Mo Yonghengs chopstick reached towards her bowl and took a piece of meat from her bowl.

To her astonishment, he slowly placed the meat into his mouth.

When Zheng Yan came back to her senses, her first reaction was to look at her dad.

Then, she saw that her dad wasnt looking, he was looking down at the dishes. No wonder Mo Yongheng had been so daring!

Looking at her, he swallowed the meat and said slowly. "Yanyan may have some misunderstandings. I am not that picky."


Zheng Yan grabbed her chopsticks and was stabbing her rice. Mo Yongheng was babbling nonsense in front of her dad.

Her dad used to notice her unhappiness instantly. However, today because of Mo Yongheng, he had not realized.

He kept pouring alcohol for Mo Yongheng and insisted that he drank with him.

Then, they started talking about the changes to the Mo Corporation and the Mo Family while he had been overseas

Zheng Yan did not get a chance to talk and when she saw that they werent talking about her, she ate her food quietly.

As long as Mo Yongheng was still here, she could not let her guard down.

Finally, her dad drank too much and needed to use the washroom.

The moment Zheng Mohong disappeared, she pressed Mo Yongheng down on the table.

"Didnt we already agree at the airport that you dont have to be responsible for me nor do I have to be responsible for you?"


Mo Yongheng was stunned and then he grinned. "You may be mistaken."

"What mistake? I am not deaf, just now you said something about the Mo Family and the Zheng Family being one family. Young Master Yongheng, I know that you are still angry about me tricking you. Can you please let me off, I will go back into my room and kneel on the keyboard. Please dont tell my dad that you want to marry me, my dad has a heart condition. He will have a heart attack!"

"He wont." Mo Yongheng raised an eyebrow.

"He will!"

Zheng Yan glared and pouted. "If you were to tell him that we slept together last night. Not only will he have a heart attack, but he will also die from anger!"


Mo Yongheng did not answer her, instead, he pointed behind her.

Zheng Yan turned and saw her dad, who was supposed to be in the washroom, standing behind her

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