The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 152

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Nian Xiaomu took out her cell phone and quickly picked up the call when she saw that it was from the company.

“Where have you been all morning, Nian Xiaomu? The people from Sheng Da Science and Technology are here to ask about the progress regarding Shangxin’s endorsement deal. No matter where you are now, come back immediately!” Ye Mingmin spoke anxiously over the phone.

Then, she hung up immediately.

When Nian Xiaomu heard that the people from Sheng Da Science and Technology had arrived at the office, she hurriedly stuffed her phone into her bag and hailed a taxi.

“To the Yu Corporation!”

The girl with the baseball cap seemed to have sensed something and suddenly stopped in her tracks. She looked up in the direction of Nian Xiaomu.

However, she only managed to catch sight of the taxi driving away…

She furrowed her brow.

There was a change in the look in her eyes, but it was not clear what she was thinking.

“It’s almost time for the wardrobe fitting, Shangxin. Why are you still in a daze? Come on in!” The manager stood at the door and spoke in a low voice.

Hearing this, the girl with the baseball cap came back to her senses. She pulled her baseball cap down and lowered her head as she entered the venue.

The Yu Corporation.

Nian Xiaomu rushed back to the office, but did not manage to catch the project manager from Sheng Da Science and Technology.

“The people from Sheng Da Science and Technology have left. However, they left a word for you. They still want Shangxin as the spokesperson. There is only one week left before the launch of the project, which means that you have exactly that amount of time to make it happen.”

Ye Mingmin walked toward Nian Xiaomu to pass the message to her.

“Manager Wen said that the public relations department has spent a lot of effort to close this deal with Sheng Da Science and Technology, so we must do our utmost to meet their requests.”


This was easier said than done. No one could contact Shangxin personally.

Sheng Da Science and Technology’s demand was rather unreasonable.

If they could not meet the other party’s expectations at the start, they would end up in a subservient position.

However, if they did succeed in collaborating with Shangxin, it would prove their competence to Sheng Da.

It was for the sake of the corporation that Wen Yadai had insisted on fulfilling their requests.

“I got it,” Nian Xiaomu replied and returned to her work desk, only to stare at her computer in a daze.

She thought hard about how to get Shangxin to agree to meet with her…

“Supervisor Nian, do you really plan to look for Shangxin for the endorsement deal?” a young intern who was standing next to her asked in a hushed voice.

Many people turned to look at Nian Xiaomu when they heard those words.

Their eyes revealed the curiosity they had toward this topic.

“Mmm. How can we bargain with our partners over their requests?” Nian Xiaomu replied calmly as she reached forward to turn on her computer.

“Of course you can!” The intern who had spoken earlier nudged closer to her and whispered, “Everyone knows that Shangxin does not accept endorsement deals. In fact, it’s even rare for her to appear at an event. Isn’t it obvious that they are making things difficult for you?”


“I say that you should beg Manager Wen for help. Go to her and act pitiful. Tell her that Shangxin refused to meet with you and ask her to reject Sheng Da on your behalf.”

“…” Nian Xiaomu was taken aback and tried to come up with a reply. However, a sarcastic voice spoke up from the back.

“Hey, the work hasn’t even started and you’re already thinking of giving up? Since when could our public relations department use gaining sympathy to get away with doing work?”

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