The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 158

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The entrance of the theme park was jam-packed with people, and the crowd had even spilled over onto the sidewalk.

The place was slightly chaotic because there was a charity event happening in the park today and most of the participants were children.

When Nian Xiaomu noticed that there were quite a number of Shangxin’s fans among the crowd, her eyes lit up.

If there were fans here, that meant that the intel must be accurate.

Nian Xiaomu recalled the last time when the runway show venue had been chock-full of people. It would be an irrational attempt to fight for territory with these fans.

Even if she managed to snag a good position, there was no way to get close to Shangxin, much less discuss the endorsement deal with her.

Nian Xiaomu had to think of other ideas.

She narrowed her bright eyes, and her gaze fell upon the makeshift stage in the theme park.

There was a huge crowd in front of the stage.

She would not be able to approach Shangxin from there, but maybe she could enter from backstage.

Nian Xiaomu made up her mind and walked to the ticket booth to buy a ticket. After she entered the park, she stayed close to the crew members, and when no one was looking, she sneaked into the backstage area near the waiting room.

She finally managed to get to the door and was about to push the door open when the door suddenly swung open from the inside.

A girl wearing a baseball cap walked out with her head lowered.

Caught off-guard, the two of them collided into each other!

Both of them stumbled backward and then spoke out at the same time.

“It’s you!”

“It’s you!”

Nian Xiaomu realized that she had shouted out a bit too loudly and quickly covered her mouth as she whispered, “Are you here to see your idol? I’m here to look for Shangxin too.”

“You haven’t given up?” The girl with the baseball cap looked surprised.

“Neither have you right? I have to meet Shangxin, and I won’t give up easily. By the way, is she inside?” Nian Xiaomu pointed toward the waiting room.

If she didn’t remember wrongly, the girl with the baseball cap had just come out of that room.

“Not inside,” the girl with the baseball cap looked a bit sheepish as she replied.

When they heard some commotion coming from outside, the two of them looked at each other in tacit understanding and split up in two separate directions.

As Nian Xiaomu was trying to figure out where to look for Shangxin since she wasn’t in the waiting room, she was spotted by a bodyguard and led out of the backstage area.

She had no choice but to wait at the front of the stage with the rest of the fans.

From the beginning to the end of the event, Shangxin did not appear. However, Nian Xiaomu saw the girl with the baseball cap helping to look after the children in the crowd.

She carried a big bag of toys and gave out the toys to the children like Santa Claus would.

Nian Xiaomu felt inspired by her actions, decided to do the same, and helped out with the charity event instead of looking out for Shangxin.

When the event ended, she wanted to look for the girl with the baseball cap and have a chat, but discovered that she was gone.

She looked around for the girl, but couldn’t find her. Then, suddenly someone shouted, “Shangxin!”

Nian Xiaomu got a shock!

She turned toward the entrance of the theme park and caught sight of a familiar white van that was about to drive off!

She rushed forward, but was jostled aside by the swarm of fans. Her knee knocked against a stone bench, and it was so painful that she drew in a deep breath.

When she regained her composure, there was already no sign of Shangxin.

She had made a wasted trip today!

Nian Xiaomu kicked the bench out of frustration. As she was getting up, she realized that her knee hurt so much that she could barely stand up straight. Then, her phone rang at that very same moment.

When she saw that it was Yu Yuehan calling, she hurriedly picked up the phone.

“Where are you?”

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