The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 183

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On that fateful day, he had personally carried a suitcase of cash to look for Shangxin. He had very confidently proclaimed that he would persuade Shangxin to sign the contract with him.

He had not expected to be chased away without even meeting Shangxin in person.

Together with his suitcase of cash, he was tossed out of the place.

It was a huge loss of face for Lin Chao because a few other rich, second-generation heirs had followed him along.

Now, it was widely known that Shangxin had become his nemesis.

At first, he could still convince himself that Shangxin had not refused the endorsement deal because she looked down on him.

Yet now…

“Actually, it’s the new supervisor at our company who is amazing. She even managed to succeed where you, Master Lin, have failed. I feel so bad for you, Master Lin. You had put in so much effort toward Shangxin, but she readily agreed to sign a contract with someone else instead. This must look so bad on you!”

Wen Yadai took a glance at Lin Chao’s extremely long face and smiled even more gleefully as the frustration that she had been feeling all evening was vented onto him.

“Are you serious?” Lin Chao did not find any humor in what she was saying.

He grabbed her wrist and grated his teeth.

It was already very off-putting for a mere model to put on airs in front of him.

If not for his father, who had warned him against causing trouble in case it affected their family’s chances of being accepted by the elite families in the city, he would have made arrangements to take revenge on that woman!

“Of course I’m serious. The reason I’m here today is to celebrate the success of my new colleague in closing the endorsement deal with Shangxin. Poor you, Master Lin… Tsk tsk!” Wen Yadai poked at Lin Chao’s chest with her long finger and laughed scornfully.

Shaking her head as she walked past him, she entered the restroom.

In the private room.

The merry mood was not affected by Wen Yadai leaving the room.

This was especially so for a certain foodie.

Yu Yuehan leaned against his seat and, from the side of his eye, watched Nian Xiaomu chow down on one crab after another.

Very quickly, her plate was filled with empty crab shells.

When some golden yellow crab roe got stuck to the side of her mouth, she did not use tissue paper to clean it. Instead, she stuck out her little tongue to lick it off.

Then, she continued to eat the next crab…

As she was peeling the crab, she muttered under her breath, “The crab is so delicious, yet someone is not eating it.”

Then, she turned to take a peek at him after she spoke these words.

Immediately, she silently lowered her head to munch on a crab claw.

Yu Yuehan: “…”

Looking at the hairy crabs in front of him and raising his eyebrow, he picked some crabs for himself and pushed his plate of crabs in front of Nian Xiaomu.

Nian Xiaomu’s eyes twinkled like stars in the sky, and she hesitated about whether she should politely pretend to turn down his offer. Then, she heard his magnetic voice say, “Peel them for me to eat.”



These crabs weren’t for her to eat, but they were for her to peel for him?

Nian Xiaomu’s smile froze, and she even forgot to finish up the last crab claw in her hand.

She wanted to tell him that he was fully capable of fending for himself, so why did she have to serve him food?

However, he had already added indifferently, “You were the one who asked me to come.”

He spoke at a volume that was just loud enough for Nian Xiaomu to hear.

She wanted to rebuke him, but recalled that day in the car when she had been mesmerized by his charming looks and extended the invitation to him.

Nian Xiaomu clammed up immediately.

She silently reminded herself in her heart that it was all her own doing, that she should just bear with it, and that it would be over quickly…

She quickly put on the gloves and started pulling out the meat from the crab while cursing under her breath.

When Yu Yuehan wasn’t looking, she sneaked a piece of crab meat into her mouth.

At long last, she managed to finish peeling the entire crab,and served it to him.

“Enjoy your food, Young Master.”

“Continue peeling.”

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