The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 185

Chapter 185 Are You Fond Of Anyone

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As Nian Xiaomu drank up along with the colleagues around her, an idea suddenly struck her. Bringing up her wine cup, she turned toward Yu Yuehan and said, “Young Master, let me give you a toast. I would not have had the chance to enter the public relations department if not for you…”

The next second, she met his ice-cold gaze, and her entire body shivered.

She pretended not to have said anything. Lowering her head, she finished up the wine in her glass silently and sat down obediently to finish the crabs that she had fought so arduously for.

Wen Yadai returned back in no time.

After everyone had eaten and drank to their heart’s content, they started playing games.

“Let’s play Truth or Dareit’s easy to play and everyone will be able to participate,” someone suggested.

The game began since none objected to it.

As the name implied, the loser had to choose a punishment between revealing a truth or completing a dare in the game of Truth or Dare.

The game would be conducted by spinning a red wine bottle.

The loser would be determined when the mouth of the bottle stopped and pointed in his or her direction.

After the loser underwent the punishment, he or she would become the host for the next round and would be in charge of spinning the bottle.

The rules of the game were very easy, so everyone understood the game very quickly.

Nian Xiaomu had always been very bad at games; she was not at all concerned about the game that was being played and only concentrated on eating her crab.

She only took a quick glance when she heard the sound of the bottle spinning.

The first round was started by a female colleague.

The spin landed with Ye Mingmin as the target.

“I’ll choose dare,” Ye Mingmin stood up from her seat and replied in a straightforward manner.

At that instant, someone carried a small box forward and prompted her to pick a piece of paper from the “dare” box.

“Hug a member of the opposite gender who is the nearest to you for 10 seconds!” the emcee read out the contents of the punishment loudly.

When the emcee finished speaking, everyone rowdily jeered Ye Mingmin and looked at the male colleague who was the closest in distance to her.

“Hug him!”

“Hug him!”

Even Nian Xiaomu was influenced by the lively atmosphere and heckled along with the others.

Ye Mingmin only hesitated for a second before she walked forward naturally and hugged a male colleague.

After the punishment ended, it was her turn to spin the wine bottle for the next round.

Although no one said anything, all of them were silently praying that the bottle would pick Yu Yuehan.

He was the rich and noble son with the highest ranking in City H. He was also a president, was a bachelor, and had the highest net worth in wealth.

Everything about him was like a mysteryhe was someone that everyone was curious about.

Yu Yuehan was the only person who was still sitting in his seat with a steady and stable attitude; he was as calm as someone who wasn’t part of the game.

A porcelain-like brilliance penetrated his handsome face. He looked so noble and precious, just like a god from above.

Very soon, the wine bottle stopped spinning.

The mouth of the bottle did not face Yu Yuehan, but Wen Yadai!

“Truth.” Wen Yadai stood up in a poised and dignified manner. Reaching out, she swept her hair away from the side of her face and looked absolutely charming with her graceful actions.

She would have been the focus of the crowd if not for Nian Xiaomu.

Alas, her radiance was dimmed and had nowhere else to blossom with Nian Xiaomu around.

“Manager Wen should surely have tons of suitors since you are so capable, but are you fond of anyone?” an unknown person suddenly raised this question. The moment this question was blurted out, everyone quieted down.

Ye Mingmin should have been the one who raised a question for Wen Yadai.

However, it would be inconvenient for her to say anything further since a colleague was curious and had asked on her behalf.

She could only echo along, repeating the question again.

Wen Yadai was slightly stunned when she heard the question, and a red blush flashed past her face.

Lowering her eyes, she looked in Yu Yuehan’s direction subconsciously and finally said, “I have someone that I admire.”

That simple sentence instantly ignited the entire atmosphere.

Both “admire” and “fond of” have similar meanings.

As Wen Yadai finished speaking, many of the others were starting to become curious about the person that she said she admired.

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