The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 200

Chapter 200 Nian Xiaomu Your Guts Have Grown Bigger

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The crowd at the product launch fell silent all of a sudden.

The next second, there were fans who shouted Shangxin’s name.

Based on the planned flow of the program, Shangxin should have been the one walking down the runway personally to introduce the new product during the product launch.

This was supposed to be the main highlight of today’s product launch.

However, when the emcee was done with her speech, the person who walked out from the other end of the stage wasn’t Shangxin, whom everyone had eagerly been anticipating.

Instead, Nian Xiaomu walked out with a microphone in her hand.

A gasp erupted from the crowd at that instant.

Nian Xiaomu’s body was slightly frozen; she was so nervous that perspiration formed on her palms.

Taking a deep breath, she pushed down the panicky feeling in her heart and continued to make her way toward the center of the stage.

Soon, someone realized that even though the person on stage wasn’t Shangxin, this person was so beautiful that she blinded the eyes of everyone present.

Her simple attire could not conceal her extraordinary aura.

Under the confused gazes of the crowd, she took firm, confident steps and walked to the center of the stage.

She could almost hear the crowd below the stage draw in their breaths the very moment she lifted up her head.

“Hello everyone, I am the head supervisor of today’s product launch, Nian Xiaomu.” Nian Xiaomu put on a fitting smile. When blinking her pair of quick-witted eyes, she seemed to have the ability to attract someone and steal their soul from their body. “Shangxin is currently backstage preparing for tonight’s long anticipated runway walk. I am here to introduce today’s products on her behalf.”

The fans below the stage finally quieted down the moment they heard that Shangxin would be onstage in no time.

Nian Xiaomu held the microphone in her hand and kept her tensed up feelings under control. In a calm and unperturbed manner, she introduced the product specifications and their strong points, all of which she had memorized one by one.

When she made it to the interesting segment of the introduction, she even took the extra step of bringing up the mobile phone on display and demonstrating its new functions.

Gradually, everyone’s attention was entirely focused on the mobile phone that she was holding.

It seemed like the situation was well under control, but Nian Xiaomu was the only one who knew that the original speech written for the introduction of the new product had already reached its end.

However, the emcee had not given any form of indication for Nian Xiaomu to stop yetthis meant that Shangxin had not reached the venue.

Nian Xiaomu had to think of something now to try to stall for time.

What to do? What to do?

She couldn’t possibly start a solo comedy set by herself, right?

As Nian Xiaomu gazed down at the guests below the stage, her heart instantly jumped into her throatshe noticed that the crowd was a little restless because she did not have anything else to say on the stage.

She scanned her gaze past the VIPs sitting in the front row; her eyes lit up when she suddenly noticed Yu Yuehan, who sat in the zone for VIPs!

Got it!

“Today’s product launch is the beginning of many future collaborations between the Yu Corporation and Sheng Da Science and Technology. We are also very honored to have invited Young Master Han to attend our product launch. Next up, shall we invite Young Master Han onstage to say a few words?”

Yu Yuehan was the most honorable Young Master in City H as well as the Prince Charming of millions of women.

He had a net worth of more than 100 billion and was even better looking than the most popular male celebrities; his strong aura was filled with so much grandeur that he was like a deity from above.

Even if he was invited to just stand on the stage and do nothing, he would have the ability to control the crowdmuch less inviting him up for a few words!

As expected, the crowd stirred and grew excited the moment Nian Xiaomu finished her sentence.

“Young Master Han! Young Master Han!”

Nian Xiaomu shifted her gaze. At that moment, she realized that in contrast to the excitement of the crowd, the man who had been called upon had a very gloomy expression on his faceit resembled the calm before a storm. He took a look at her faintly and slowly.

Even the people around him couldn’t help it and drew in a deep breath when they heard what Nian Xiaomu said.

They seemed to be in disbelief that Yu Yuehan would actually give a speech at such a small scale product launch.

When they noticed that he did not move his body, they glanced toward Nian Xiaomu in doubt.

Nian Xiaomu was burning with anxiety and looked at the man below the stage with a pleading expression: Young Master, saving a life earns more merit than building a seven-floor pagodado you have the heart to witness my demise?

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