The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 21

It was Yu Yuehan who chased her away, but the people from the Yu Family villa actually dared to invite her back?

"Yes, please return," the butler repeated eagerly and without hesitation.


Was it really not her hallucinations acting up?

The Yu Family had sent someone to invite her back.

But the iceberg, Yu Yuehan, had just fired her without distinguishing right from wrong. Why would he invite her back all of a sudden?

Nian Xiaomu nearly foamed at the mouth at the thought of this.

"Didn't Yu Yuehan hate me and think that I would not be able to take good care of Xiao Liuliu? Ask him to look for another candidate. I QUIT!" Nian Xiaomu was determined and reached out to close the door.

With such an indecisive employer on hand, she was bound to be angered badly by him if she continued to work for the Yu Family. To the extent that the first Buddha would be born, and the second Buddha would rise to heaven!

"Ms. Nian, wait!" the butler had not expected that she would reject him and blocked the closing door hurriedly. "Ms. Nian, listen to me. My Young Master ordered our trip here to invite you back. He trusted your professionalism, hence he sent me to invite you back to take care of Little Miss."

Yu Yuehan had already ordered him to bring her back as soon as possible.

If he returned empty handed, he was afraid that he himself would be fired as well.

"When he wasn't in the mood, he reckoned that I would not be able to take good care of Xiao Liuliu and chased me away. Now that his mood has changed, he feels that I am professional and wants me back. What does he take me for? A Tom, Dick, or Harry who would always be at his beck and call?" Nian Xiaomu folded her arms and questioned him in a rage.

She did not want to earn money from him anymore!

No matter how high the salary was at the Yu Family, she did not want to return and catch sight of that icy cold face.

"Ms. Nian, is there really no room for negotiation?" The butler reached out and wiped the patch of cold sweat off his forehead.

"..." Nian Xiaomu looked at the butler, who was clearly in a dilemma. Her pair of bright eyes blinked, and she proceeded to rub her chin. "It is not impossible for me to return."

"Ms. Nian, please state your request!" The butler's face lit up. He couldn't wait to accede to her request and have her follow him back.

"I remembered that Yu Yuehan was the one who fired me personally when I left previously. Now that he wants me back, I will only return if he comes to invite me personally!" After she finished sulking, Nian Xiaomu felt better, as if a load had been lifted off her chest.

If she returned back to the Yu Family dejected like this, she might still get bullied in the future.

She had to have a fair share of what she deserved no matter what.

"What, what did you say? Ask Young Master to come here personally... This is impossible..." The butler's expression changed in an instant.

He was from an honorable family; why would he invite a nurse back personally?

"Ms. Nian, I can promise you all other requests but this."

"I do not accept any other requests except for this!" Right after she finished her sentence, Nian Xiaomu directly closed the door.

She returned to her room, turned off the lights, and continued her sleep!


"Butler, what should we do now?" The rest of the bodyguards who tagged along had not expected her to be so stubborn. They looked at each other blankly, completely stunned.

"How would I know?" The butler gritted his teeth and said, "Whatever, let's return first."

They returned with no changes to the headcount, just like how they came.

They returned to the Yu Family villa in a hurry.

Entering the room.

"Where is Nian Xiaomu?" Noticing that the butler was back, Yu Yuehan subconsciously directed his gaze behind the butler and realized that nobody else was there.

"Nian Xiaomu was unwilling to return. She said that... said that..."

In a state of panic, the butler broke out in a cold sweat.

He finally uttered a sentence after a while, "She will only return if Young Master fetches her back personally!"

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