The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 241

Chapter 241 Your Cutiepie Is Looking For You

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The two words “candlelight dinner” had successfully darkened Yu Yuehan’s face.

She was still heading out with Chen Zixin for dinner even though the project had already been handed over to another colleaguewasn’t she using business as an excuse to go on a date?

“President Chen Jr. really seems to like Supervisor Nian a lot. He had already arrived at our office to wait for her even before it was time to clock out. I heard that he was holding on to a very large bouquet of flowers as well. Judging by his attitude, he seems to be preparing for a confession…” The assistant felt a chill run down his spine before he had even finished his sentence.

He was instantly unable to speak the moment he looked up and met Yu Yuehan’s deep gaze.

It was a long while later before he finally asked weakly, “Young Master, will we be directly heading back to the Yu Family villa later?”

Yu Yuehan collected his gaze; the icy cold feeling in his eyes seemed to have shifted and locked onto the assistant.

Reaching out, he closed the documents before him and hoisted his regal body up from his seat. “Where are they now?”

“Public, public relations department…” As the assistant finished saying this, he saw his Young Master adjust his tie gracefully. Then, he put on his suit jacket and strolled out.

At the entrance of the public relations department.

Nian Xiaomu walked out hurriedly the moment she received the call.

She immediately flashed a smile when she saw Chen Zixin, who was standing outside. “President Chen Jr., why are you here?”

Soon after, she was slightly stunned when she noticed the roses in his hand.

Voices filled with envy sounded from the surrounding colleagues.

“Wow! The roses are really pretty. It was hard to guess that President Chen Jr. was actually such a romantic person.”

“If I had known earlier, I would have applied to get into Supervisor Nian’s team the other timeapart from handling the project with Sheng Da Science and Technology, I can also ogle at Mr. Perfect…”

“Are you dumb? The project has been transferred to the B team, so you wouldn’t be able to see him even if you go to the A team now.”

“You are the dumb onecan’t you tell that President Chen Jr. did not look for Supervisor Nian because of the project? He is obviously trying to woo Supervisor Nian with that gaze of his!”

“Do you all think that Supervisor Nian will agree to it?”


The surroundings were bustling with activity. Before Nian Xiaomu could come back to her senses, Chen Zixin had already headed forward with the flowers in hand. Radiating with happiness, he asked, “Supervisor Nian, I have already booked a table to treat you to a meal. I…”

“Your cutiepie is looking for you… Your cutiepie is looking for you…” A series of cute-sounding noises suddenly rang from a ringtone.

When Nian Xiaomu heard the ringtone of her cell phone, she immediately sent an apologetic look at Chen Zixin and picked up the call.

The anxious voice of the butler sounded from the other end of the phone, “Nian Xiaomu, Little Miss fell from the sofa by accident. She seems to have hurt her already injured arm…”

Nian Xiaomu’s expression changed even before the butler had finished his sentence.

“President Chen Jr., I’m very sorry, but I have an urgent matter to attend to, so I am afraid that I don’t have time today. Let’s schedule another meet up some other day!”

Nian Xiaomu couldn’t manage to explain much to Chen Zixin. Turning around, she sprinted toward the elevator.

“Supervisor Nian…” Chen Zixin’s voice was cut off outside the elevator.

Nian Xiaomu did not stop to rest while on her journey back to the Yu Family villa.

She was also calling the butler relentlessly during her trip back.

“Was the fall a serious one? Did you inform the doctor? If Xiao Liuliu suffered serious injuries during the healing period of her previous wound, the mobility of her arms could easily be impaired in the future. You can’t be careless about this…”

She also urged the driver to speed up.

Whenever she imagined Xiao Liuliu groaning in pain at this very moment, her heart tightened.

She wished so badly that she could install a pair of wings to her body and fly to Xiao Liuliu’s side immediately.

As soon as the cab stopped at the entrance of the Yu Family villa, she pushed open the car door hurriedly and ran inside.

“Xiao Liuliu…”

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