The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 44


Does she like him?

Nian Xiaomu was flabbergasted by this abrupt question.

She quickly turned to look at Yu Yuehan.

When her eyes met his dark and deep eyes, she suddenly felt her throat dry up.

To be asked this question in front of the person himself was too awkward...

What if she said she did not like him? Would he feel that his charm was unappreciated? Would he just strangle her to death?

However, if she said that she liked him, wouldn't Yu Yuehan think of her as one of those conniving women who plotted to get close to him...

Xiao Liuliu had really asked her a difficult question.

This question did not have a feasible answer!

Yu Yuehan's eyes flickered slightly. Seeing how conflicted the person in front of him looked, his eyes narrowed.

When he first heard Xiao Liuliu's question, he had not taken it seriously.

Yet, he did not know why he felt a strange reaction when he saw the expression on her face..

Even he did not know what answer he was hoping to hear...

The air in the room became still.

"Young Master, Madam from the small courtyard is here again. She says she has to see you regarding an urgent matter!" The butler's voice rang from outside the door.

Nian Xiaomu heaved a sigh of relief and swiftly scooped Xiao Liuliu up.

"I'll bring Xiao Liuliu back to the room first."

She was just about to take a step when the butler stood in her path.

"Nurse Nian, Madam also wants to see you."

Nian Xiaomu: "..."

Downstairs, in the living room.

Cheng Xiulu, who had just left, was now sitting down on the luxurious authentic leather sofa.

She was leaning against the sofa, but when she saw Yu Yuehan come down, she got up immediately. She squeezed some tears out of her eyes and rushed forward.

"Yuehan, your grandma is elderly, so I did not want to alarm her. However, you have to help me settle this matter!"

Cheng Xiulu did not wait for Yu Yuehan's response and pointed her finger at Nian Xiaomu, who was behind him.

"Nian Xiaomu, how bold you are to steal from the Yu household!"



What did she steal?

Nian Xiaomu frowned, feeling perplexed.

"Don't think that you will get away with it just by denying it. When my diamond hair clip was delivered to me, you were the only one who was in my room. If it was not you, who else could it be?!" Cheng Xiulu stepped forward and grabbed her wrist.

"I didn't!" Nian Xiaomu flung her hand away. Just as she was about to say something, Cheng Xiulu intercepted her.

"Since you say that you did not steal my diamond hair clip, do you dare to let us search your body?"


Nian Xiaomu had not expected Cheng Xiulu to resort to framing her for stealing just to take revenge on her.

She must have known that the diamond hair clip was not on Nian Xiaomu, yet she demanded to search Nian Xiaomu's body.

Nian Xiaomu did not say anything and simply stepped forward to let the maid who was standing next to her search her body.

"Young Master, Madam, there's no hair clip on her, let alone a diamond hair clip..." the maid reported truthfully when she was done.

"Now am I proven innocent?" Nian Xiaomu turned around and glared at Cheng Xiulu.

"Who said that you would definitely keep it on you after you stole it? Maybe you had hidden it somewhere else!" Just as Cheng Xiulu finished speaking, another maid came out from Nian Xiaomu's resting room.

"Madam, the diamond hair clip has been found! It was inside a jacket in Nian Xiaomu's room!"

Hearing that, Cheng Xiulu's face broke into a gleeful grin.

Stepping forward, she said, "This time you're caught red-handed! Let's see what you have to say now!"

She turned around, failed to notice Yu Yuehan's solemn face, and just blabbered, "Yuehan, you cannot keep such dishonest people in the Yu household!"

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