The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 64


One simple word sent Cheng Caimei into a state of turmoil.

Astonished, she stood rooted to the ground with bulging eyes..

It was only now that she noticed that the little girl before her looked very adorable; the girl's pretty little face seemed to be a photocopy of Yu Yuehan's.

Even the qualities this girl emitted seemed to be different from other kids.

How could she have thought that Xiao Liuliu was just an ordinary child?

Furthermore, she had actually scolded his daughter in front of him for having poor upbringing. Wasn't this equivalent to scolding him...

Cheng Caimei's legs wobbled and nearly collapsed.

She looked at her aunt pleadingly.

"Yuehan, Meimei has just returned and did not recognize Xiao Liuliu, so there might be some misunderstandings in this matter. I will have her apologize to Xiao Liuliu immediately..." Cheng Xiulu guessed what had happened after just a glance. She pulled Cheng Caimei over hurriedly and wanted her to apologize without delay.

It never crossed Cheng Caimei's mind that the kid she had scolded to the extent of crying was actually Yu Yuehan's daughter.

She panicked in an instant.

She immediately looked over at Xiao Liuliu when she heard what her aunt said.

She was debating if she should apologize.

If she apologized, would Yu Yuehan think that she had really bullied his daughter?

It was obviously this little girl who bumped into her first...

Cheng Caimei narrowed her eyes as a smile appeared from the corner of her lips.

"Xiao Liuliu, sister would never bicker with you even though you bumped into me. Don't be afraid. Let sister carry you."

"Miss Cheng, you better not carry her since your skirt is so expensive. We wouldn't be able to compensate if Xiao Liuliu soiled it." Nian Xiaomu looked at the scene before her and was badly pissed off by Cheng Caimei's hypocrisy. Nian Xiaomu couldn't restrain herself and spoke up.

Chen Xiulu, who was unclear about the entire situation, heard this and thought that Nian Xiaomu was praising her niece's skirt, so she hurriedly added, "Oh yes, how did I forget about this matter. Meimei's skirt was custom-made; it is a piece designed by a master. Yuehan, she put in so much effort just to meet you."

Out of everyone present, Cheng Xiulu was the only one who could still smile.

She even gave Cheng Caimei a push when she saw that Yu Yuehan did not speak at all.

She wanted her to go forward and show it to Yu Yuehan properly.

It was all up to her niece to determine if the Cheng Family could make it into high society as well as secure her status in the Yu Family!

Before Cheng Caimei could go forward, Yu Yuehan had kept his gaze and walked over to Xiao Liuliu.

He reached out and lifted up Xiao Liuliu, who was sobbing pitifully.

"Tell Daddy what happened."

"I bumped into someone and Pretty Sister apologized on Xiao Liuliu's behalf, but this sister said that Xiao Liuliu would not be able to compensate for her skirt and only knew how to cry..."

Xiao Liuliu raised her arms and wiped away her tears. She looked at Yu Yuehan with an innocent gaze.

"Daddi, what is a feral child?"

"..." Yu Yuehan's gaze narrowed. With a sharp look, he stared straight at Cheng Caimei!

Cheng Caimei's face turned ghastly pale in an instant.

"Young Master Han, I didn't know that she was your daughter just now. In a fit of anger, I spoke without discretion. I swear that this will not happen again..."

Cheng Caimei's entire body trembled like a sieve. She reached out and grabbed Cheng Xiulu as if she was grabbing ahold of her last strand of life-saving straw.

"Aunt, hurry and explain to Young Master Han on my behalf! I really did not do it on purpose!"

If she had known in advance that Xiao Liuliu was the Little Miss of the Yu Family, she would not have said those words no matter what.

Cheng Caimei trembled in fear when she recalled what she had saidshe was actually stupid enough to ridicule the Little Miss of the Yu Family for not being capable to compensate for the dress and had even called her a feral child!

She had never felt that death was so close to her!

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