The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 79

Who was she? Where was she? What had she done?

Nian Xiaomu looked back at the butler in bafflement, opening her mouth to ask, "Butler, were you talking about me?"

"Of course it's you! Look at you, how dare you make Young Master... make Young Master..." The butler was faint with rage and could barely speak coherently. After a while, he rubbed the temples of his head like he was about to collapse from anger.

Nian Xiaomu quickly stepped forward to support him.

"Butler, are you all right?"

What had she done to Yu Yuehan to infuriate the butler like this?

Logically speaking, the butler could not have known that she had been cursing Yu Yuehan in her heart.

"What exactly did I do, Butler? You should at least let me know before sentencing me with a death penalty," Nian Xiaomu pouted, wearing a look of wide-eyed innocence.

"Shouldn't you be ashamed to even ask me? Don't you know how you ended up back in your room yesterday?" The butler lifted his shoulders, his fingers trembling with exasperation.

"Let me tell you that you should count yourself lucky. I have never seen Young Master take the initiative to carry any woman!"

It was a miracle that he had not dumped her into the trash bin midway!

Nian Xiaomu: "..."

So it was Yu Yuehan who had carried her back to her room last night?

"The Yu family hired you to look after Little Miss. Young Master's status is so distinguished, so how could you make him look after you..." nagged the butler, who was traditional in his ways, from the side.

Nian Xiaomu could not continue to listen to him.

Her whole mind was filled with those words: "I have never seen Young Master take the initiative to carry any woman."

She had not figured out how she made it back to her room last night.

How did it turn out to be him?

Wasn't he the one who hated her the most in the entirety of the Yu villa?

Shouldn't he have given her a slap to wake her up and reprimanded her for not looking after Xiao Liuliu properly? Why had he carried her...

Nian Xiaomu fell into a daze and walked rigidly toward the dining room.

Her ears were ringing with the butler's reminders: "Young Master is having breakfast with Little Miss in the dining room. Do not go overboard in front of Young Master!"

She looked up and saw Yu Yuehan's suave figure at the dining table.

His aloof face was slightly lowered as he elegantly ate his meal.

Her body stiffened.

Once she thought about how she had been cursing him all of last night, yet he had carried her back to her room, she felt an inexplicable sense of guilt.

When she noticed that his gaze had shifted toward her, she straightened herself up and greeted, "Good morning, Young Master."

Yu Yuehan's gaze coolly brushed past her as if he had not even seen her, and he continued to eat his breakfast.

Nian Xiaomu: "..."

Should she go over to say thank you to him?

Or should she just act like she did not know anything?

"Pretty Sister, this is your breakfast, which is the same as Daddi's!" Xiao Liuliu pointed to the other breakfast set that was on the table and called out to her happily.

Once she finished speaking, Yu Yuehan stuffed a piece of bread into her mouth.

Since her little mouth was filled, she could only anxiously wave at Nian Xiaomu.

Nian Xiaomu braced herself and walked forward, "Young Master, regarding last night..."


Yu Yuehan was slicing some bacon when his knife slid to the side, creating a piercing sound as it scratched the plate.

"..." The words that Nian Xiaomu wanted to say got stuck in her mouth.

Her eyes grew wide with shock as she looked at the plate that was almost sawed in half by him. She gulped down a few mouthfuls of water.

Suddenly, she sensed that her neck felt rather chilly.

Rather than the plate, Nian Xiaomu felt as if she was what had almost been sawed in half!

The next second, she saw Yu Yuehan put his cutlery down, raise his eyebrows at her, and ask, "Is something the matter?"

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