The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 934

Chapter 934 Repeat That One More Time And Ill Take It That Ive Lost

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Nian Xiaomu hurriedly passed Yu Yuehan her gown. She told him to go to the car first, and that they would be right over after they had purchased the shoes.

The shoe section was situated at level one and it was very close to the car park.

After Yu Yuehan took the gown, he did not say anything and proceeded to walk out of the shopping mall.

“Stop staring, he is already so far off. Seriously, even though I have never been in a relationship, you guys are seriously too sticky. Both of you are so reluctant to part with each other when you guys are merely apart for a short while. It’s not like you are separated in life and death from him.”

Zheng Yan said with a face full of displeasure and reached out to poke Nian Xiaomu’s shoulder.

It was fun to be shopping with Nian Xiaomu, and it has been a long time since she had been so happy.

All of the women around her had treated her as a femme fatale, as well as a vixen.

Those without boyfriends did not dare to make friends with her as they were afraid that they could not find a boyfriend as a result.

Those with boyfriends were more unwilling to be her friend, as they were afraid that she would seduce their boyfriends.

Even though Zheng Yan was famous for being a successful career woman in the business industry, she was actually a very lonely person in real life.

She did not even have a best friend whom she could rely on.

It was rare that Nian Xiaomu was here to accompany her and she was really very happy today… However, she would be happier if she could witness less of the public display of affections!

“What do you know, this is called love appeal!”

Nian Xiaomu answered as a matter of course.

She seemed to have suddenly realized the hidden message behind the Zheng Yan’s words after she finished speaking.

She quickly turned around and asked, “Your pretty looks are wasted on you. You actually have not been in a relationship, not even once?”

Zheng Yan was taken aback and her face turned red instantly. “Can’t pretty ladies be single? Weren’t you single before you met Young Master Han? It is simply because I haven’t met the right one.”

Nian Xiaomu stroked her chin and replied, “That’s true. I only dared to keep young handsome men waiting before I met Yu Yuehan, and run away after I flirted with them irresponsibly.”


Zheng Yan said, “Young Master Han still isn’t very far from us. Repeat what you said one more time and I’ll take it that I’ve lost!”

It was nonexistent.

She did not dare to do it.

The two of them entered the shoe shop as they teased each other.

They set their eyes on a pair of high heels at almost the same time.

“This pair suits you!”

“This pair suits me!”

Nian Xiaomu and Zheng Yan said in unison.

They glanced at each other and laughed the moment they had finished speaking.

“Both ladies have great taste. This shoe is a luxury custom-made female heel that was freshly delivered to our shop, and we only have one pair for each size.” The service staff walked forward and politely said.

Zheng Yan replied, “I am a size 37, please help me to find a pair.”

Nian Xiaomu strolled around in the shop restlessly as Zheng Yan waited for the service staff to bring her shoe.

She only turned around when she heard the service staff bringing the shoe out and passed it to Zheng Yan to try on.

Just as she wanted to head forward, she heard a voice suddenly sound at the entrance.

“That shoe looks good, I want it!”


Nian Xiaomu raised her head and stared in the direction of the entrance.

She watched as a few young girls strolled into the shop with an arrogant air around them.

The lady who was walking at the very front was referring to the shoe that the service staff had brought out for Zheng Yan to try on.

“Just nice, it’s a size 37. I can wear that, pack it up for me.”

The lady who was speaking earlier on then whipped out a card from her purse and handed it to the service staff.

The member of staff was taken aback and she started to explain with a look of distress, “Miss, I’m so sorry but another customer had already requested to try on this pair of shoes…”

“Stop your nonsense, what’s so great about being the first to request for it? She might not buy it after she has tried it on. You’d better do as I say, if you offend me, you will not have to report to work the next day!” The lady holding onto the card replied with a rampant look on her face.

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