The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 935

Chapter 935 Not Only Witnesses But Also Evidence

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Her arrogant tone was as if she owned the mall.

The two people beside her were also saying, “There is nothing in this world that Yunyun wants and can’t get. Who dares to snatch from her?”

“This…” The attendant didn’t know what to do either.

She subconsciously looked towards Zheng Yan.

At first, Zheng Yan was looking down at her phone and replying to someone.

Right after she had replied, there was a piercing sound beside her ear.

She raised her head slowly.

When she recognized who was in front of her, her eyes narrowed. “Tao Yunyun?”

“Oh my, I was wondering who it was. Turns out it was you, Zheng Yan!”

Tao Yunyun exclaimed in an exaggerated manner.

Nian Xiaomu did not have a good impression of Tao Yunyun. Upon seeing that Zheng Yan knew her, she didn’t say anything about it.

She couldn’t find a trace of shock on Tao Yunyun’s face.

Tao Yunyun didn’t look like she had accidentally met Zheng Yan, it seemed more like she saw Zheng Yan and came over purposely…

Sometimes women’s intuition is surprisingly accurate.

Although Nian Xiaomu wasn’t sure if she was right, she still moved towards Zheng Yan. She didn’t want Zheng Yan to be bullied just because she was outnumbered.

When Zheng Yan acknowledged Tao Yunyun, the attendant was overjoyed. “If both of you know each other, it would be the best!”

“There is only one pair of size 37 shoes left. Who would like to have it?”

Tao Yunyun said first, “Of course it is for me! I obviously look better in this pair of shoes. Unless Zheng yan wants to snatch it from me?”


Zheng Yan’s eyes narrowed, she glanced at Tao Yunyun and did not reply.

She turned to the attendant and ordered, “There is no need to try, wrap it up. I am paying immediately.”

“What do you mean? Zheng Yan, you really want to snatch them from me?!” Tao Yunyun was triggered immediately when she heard Zheng Yan.

She walked up and questioned furiously.

Zheng Yan turned her head slowly and laughed coldly. “Miss Tao, are you mistaken? I saw this pair of shoes first and I tried it first. You are the one who wants to snatch them from me. Why, did the Tao family not teach you manners?”

Tao Yunyun was speechless.

Then, she smirked and said, “Ignoring the fact that now the Zheng Family has offended the Mo Family and it is not as powerful as in the past. Just speaking about you, you just rely on your looks to seduce the guys, that’s why you can get so many contracts. Who are you to teach me a lesson? We, the Tao family, are definitely not as good as the Zheng Family to have such a shameless daughter!”

Zheng Yan’s face fell. “Shut up!”

“Why? Is that your sore spot? I am not making this up, this was said by your own brother. Everyone there could be my witness!”

The two witnesses walked up immediately.

One of them even took out their cell phone and shook it in front of Zheng Yan.

“We are not only witnesses, we even have evidence!”

Then, he played a video on his phone.

In the video, there was a group of youngsters singing in a room.

Then, someone said something and one of the young men, who looked as though he was drunk, suddenly stood up.

“What about Zheng Yan? Don’t compare us. How is that called doing business? All she does is to seduce men and coax them…”

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