The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 936

Chapter 936 Tattered Goods For Tattered People

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When Zheng Yan recognized that it was her brother, her face fell.

However, the person in the video was still shouting.

“Let me tell you all. The reason why I lose to her is just that I am not as slutty as her. I do not acknowledge that she is my sister. Anyone who compares me with her will no longer be my friend!”

Zheng Hao continued his sentence but Zheng Yan could no longer hear.

The short video had ended.

However, she did see the arrogant faces of Tao Yunyun and the others.

“If my family scolded me like this, I don’t think I would have the courage to live in this world anymore. What a pity, someone is so thick-skinned that she can pretend that nothing has happened and continue to seduce guys outside shamelessly…” laughed Tao Yunyun.


Before Tao Yunyun could finish her sentence, Zheng Yan raised her hand and slapped Tao Yunyun hard on her face.

Zheng Yan was so fast that everyone was taken aback.

Tao Yunyun couldn’t even stand properly. She stumbled backward and knocked into the two people behind her.

The three of them collided and fell onto the floor.


Tao Yunyun was the first to shout. The two people underneath her were in too much pain to shout.

Then, Tao Yunyun looked sinister.

“Zheng Yan! You b*tch! How dare you slap me!”

“Why not! If you let me hear any insult from your mouth again, I will rip your mouth apart!” Zheng Yan stretched her arm and glared back.

She turned and asked the attendant to hold her shoes.

She had no time to waste with the spoilt princess Tao Yunyun.

She deserved a beating!

Tao Yunyun had never been so humiliated.

She crawled up from the floor, looking menacing.

“Zheng Yan, who do you think you are? Do you really think that the Zheng Family is still the Zheng Family of the past? How dare you do this to me? Now, the Tao Family is in favor of the Mo Family! You guys have been considered traitors! You have been abandoned by the Mo Family. What makes you think that you can snatch anything from me?”

As Tao Yunyun spoke, she charged up and wanted to snatch her shoes.

Zheng Yan reacted quickly and did not let her succeed.

Each of them grabbed onto one end of the shoe.

“Let go!” Zheng Yan’s glistened coldly.

Tao Yunyun refused to. “Don’t even think about it! Sluts like you don’t deserve to wear good shoes. Tattered people are meant to wear tattered goods!”

Tao Yunyun was toxic.

Nothing she said was fit for humans to hear.

She was arrogant and unreasonable.

Nian Xiaomu was so furious that she wanted to go up to help. Then, she saw Zheng Yan pretending that she wanted to snatch the shoes, then when Tao Yunyun pulled hard, Zheng Yan let go.


Tao Yunyun lost her balance and she screamed as she fell backward.


The two people behind her that had just crawled up from the floor, fell back down again.

The three of them landed badly on the floor.

The shoe that Tao Yunyun had snatched was also smashed on the floor and one of the heels was broken.


Nian Xiaomu couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

She turned to the side and gave Zheng Yan a thumbs up.

Birds of the same feather flock together.

There is no need to be nice to shameless people!

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