The Rise Of The White Lotus Book 2 Chapter 243

Volume 2 Chapter 243 Mia Chen

When Lexi and Ethan Lu entered the hospital room, they were welcomed by a small lobby that seemed to be a small room for visitors to rest. There was a set of sofas around a small table, minimalist furniture, and a transparent glass wall where they could see Morris Liu. 

Despite the partition, the machine that monitored the heartbeat and vitals of the comatose Morris Liu could be heard in the monitoring area inside the room. Lexi took slow strides and stopped in front of the transparent glass wall. 

Her gaze didn't wander around and immediately landed on Morris Liu. There were numerous apparatus' injected into him and an oxygen support machine for his breathing. The cold, intimidating man that only speaks whenever it's necessary was sleeping vulnerably— like a prince taking a break from his chaotic kingdom. 

Although Lexi felt bad and was bewildered on why there was someone using such a vicious attempt towards the man, only pity and worry enveloped around her heart. Well, maybe there was a little prick in her heart seeing him in his current state. How could there not be? She had loved him once, that couldn't be erased so easily. 

"Why would they do this to him?" Lexi let out a low whisper without looking away from the patient inside. 

"..." On Lexi's side, Ethan Lu traveled his gaze to his dear friend and had the same thought as Lexi— Morris Liu being vulnerable and verifying that he is a human being after all. Upon hearing her confused words, although he knew what to say to her, Ethan Lu chose to remain quiet. 

On the other hand, Elliot Gong closed the door behind them and stood beside Ethan Lu. The matter earlier, he had set them all aside as Elliot Gong stared at Morris Liu's lying figure. He had been staring at him every once in a while since last night but until now, Elliot Gong could not help but heavily sigh. 

"I also wonder why…" Elliot Gong lowly responded letting out another heavy sigh. 

Granted that Elliot Gong knew about Morris Liu's reasons why he did what he did to Lexi, alas, he didn't know about Kong Shuren or what happened all those months ago. All he knew was that Morris Liu was in a tight position but had no elaboration from his friend as to why. As a friend, he could only respect the decision of his friend and trusted that he had a reasonable reason why he had chosen to push Lexi away from him.

Therefore, the reason why he was so against Ethan Lu pursuing Lexi, if not for the fact that Elliot Gong was worried that Ethan Lu would make another stupid skit and hurt Lexi in the end— which will lead to Morris Liu having a tough conflict with his other friend Ethan Lu, Elliot Gong would not even try to befriend Lexi. 

However, after seeing Ethan Lu and Lexi's interaction, and how his friend changed from being a playboy to Mr. Faithful Romantico— Elliot Gong could only believe that he was sincere. Even so, Lexi also changed and her usual divaness lessened, treating him as a friend which was quite shocking as Lexi was actually fun to hang out with; she's also trusted for keeping secrets. Hence, Elliot Gong treated her as his friend without thinking that his friend was having an interest in her but it doesn't matter as he sees her as an individual friend alone. 

"He'll receive the justice he deserves." Without turning his eyes away from Morris Liu, Ethan Lu lowly affirmed. Knowing what happened was one thing and seeing him in person— Ethan Lu clenched his jaw as part of him was irked. 

Granted that he told Chris Yu that he couldn't care less and only wanted to know how many people are left that were coming after Lexi— this only reaffirmed Ethan Lu's resolve to track each and every one of them down, afraid that the next time, he would be looking at Lexi in this kind of situation— which he will never let happen. 

"Mhmm…" Slowly humming a convinced tune, Lexi lightly nodded her head in agreement. She was certain that this matter wouldn't slide just like that. 


Lexi and Ethan Lu stayed inside the room for quite some time before deciding to bid their farewell. Of course, through the course of their visit, Mia Chen remained outside with Kevin Woo who was staring into nothingness— nearly not even blinking if possible. 

When Ethan Lu and Lexi left without giving the two outside any importance, Elliot Gong sent them off until they were outside the room so he could enlighten the traumatized Kevin Woo. Elliot Gong watched the two lovebirds turn to the left and when he could no longer see their shadows, he turned his head and glared at Kevin Woo. 

Taking huge stomps towards his friend, Elliot Gong thrusted his chin a little forward and scoffed. "Huh! You kept running your mouth without knowing what happened with your friends these past few months, tch!" 

Upon hearing Elliot Gong's spiteful words, Kevin Woo snapped from his daze. Raising his gaze, he jolted from his seat and stood tall in front of his friend. "What's going on here? Did— Why is that idiot with that woman?!" Slightly stuttering, Kevin Woo grumbled in dismay. 

Before him earlier, he heard his party buddy, Ethan Lu call Lexi— of all people— Lexi Yang as 'Love'! Not just that, they entered the room linking arms and exited the room with Ethan Lu holding her hand. What's the meaning of that?!

Sure, he knew Ethan Lu was a playboy and had a different woman with him every week but what the friggin hell happened to get him to target Lexi Yang? Brother code what?! Moreover, Elliot Gong knew about it and didn't even share this gossip with him! He was just one call away and still, none of them bothered to give him a heads up?

"Hah!" Scoffing once again seeing Kevin Woo nearly having a mental breakdown, Elliot Gong shook his head before his gaze shifted to Mia Chen who was calmly sitting on the side. 

"Let's talk there." Elliot Gong halted whatever words he wanted to have with Mia Chen. Instead, he dragged Kevin Woo as far away from Morris Liu's room as possible so they could have a private talk and he could enlighten his foolish friend. 

Meanwhile, Mia Chen discreetly watched the two go further and further away from her until she could no longer see them. Shifting her gaze to the door of Morris Liu's private hospital room, she slowly stood up from her seat and unhurriedly entered the room. 

Inside the room, she could only hear the machine beat rhythmically that was rather painful to hear. She strode closer to the transparent glass wall and her hand slowly raised and settled on the glass that separated her and the man that was in the middle of a silent life and death struggle. 

'Brother Mo… what am I to you…?' She softly inquired inwardly. When Ethan Lu told her 'Then why are you here?' She already asked that very question to herself when she was in front of this establishment. 

Her contract with Morris Liu had long ended— giving her a blank cheque for her to fill in the end. However, until now, she hasn't made use of that cheque because that wasn't the thing she wanted. 

Mia Chen, the person who came into the picture six years ago with one motive: Kong Shuren's relationship to the Liu Empire. While doing the laxest disguise of having a small-time occupation of being a freelance actress— she bumped into Morris Liu with Chris Yu. 

The rest of what happened afterward was all unforeseen events; the last thing she knew, she was entangled and was treated with all of the information about the Liu Empire and Kong Shuren without breaking a sweat for completing her mission. 

Alas, the night when she was about to make her exit from this story, for the first time, Morris Liu personally called her— giving her a deal she could not refuse: Money— a hefty amount of money. 

He would provide her wealth, a comfortable lifestyle, and a peaceful life unlike her current job on one condition: pretend to be as his little lover. Without a second's hesitation, she agreed with a money sign displayed in her eyes. 

However, who would have thought that as she played pretend as a fragile woman being protected from the vicious fiancee of her so-called lover, Mia Chen unconsciously fell in love with him. She didn't fall in love with Morris Liu being cold and controlling but the side of him whenever he was alone— swimming in his own thoughts that only he could dive in. 

She liked him with his unbending resolution to protect the people he cared about. His determination and melancholy it gave her were too strong… she wanted to end it. Hence, as Lexi relentlessly bullied her in broad daylight, she secretly schemed in the dark and orchestrated Lexi's downfall— not caring if Morris Liu would despise her or not. 

The only thing she miscalculated was that Lexi attempted to commit suicide. Someone who always acted as righteous and mighty actually tried to end her life. Hence, Morris Liu never let her off— secretly stopping her projects, freezing her accounts, and treating her as if she were air whenever she's around. Well, she saw that coming before she executed her plan anyway. 

But still… even though she didn't have any reason to be there and her role was fulfilled, Mia Chen was there, staring at the weak figure lying with life support attached to him. There are numerous reasons to hate him as well but her heart ached seeing him like that. 

She could use the blank cheque he tossed to her face and live the life she always wanted, completely leaving the life of a mercenary. But she didn't or rather, she couldn't. 

"For the last time… I will at least give Chris the support he needs until you wake up." Mia Chen murmured as the corner of her lips forcefully curled upward and something seemed to prick her eyes making it sweaty. 

"Until then… I will be your caring lover in front of everyone and your shield in the shadows— just this once, I will be your hired mercenary and you'll be my client— pro bono."

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