The Rise Of The White Lotus Book 2 Chapter 247

Volume 2 Chapter 247 My Words Are My Bond

"I see… So that's what happened." Frederick Yang connected his hands to fill the gaps in between his fingers, his elbows on top of the surface of his study desk with a solemn expression plastered his face. 

"Lexi only knows that I asked her to move in for convenience purposes but, I didn't mention anything about a shadow brigade coming after her life." As solemn and firm just like Frederick Yang, Ethan Lu clarified further. 

Moments ago, when both men reached Frederick Yang's study room, Ethan Lu didn't go around in circles and hit the bottom line that instant with an opening "Dad, about brother Mo..." and the rest of the story afterward, leading them to the momentary silence that hung in the air now. 

"Ethan, why did you tell me all of this— I might just lock my daughter here for her safety. How can you guarantee that if I decided to entrust my daughter's life to you is the right choice?" Raising his sharp gaze, the bubbly grandfather persona was gone as Frederick Yang placed this discussion in his top priorities. 

If he comprehended correctly, not only their lives might be on the line but Lexi as well. They had seen Morris Liu's current state now and letting Lexi wander wherever she wanted would be riskier than ever. Hence, Frederick Yang was having second thoughts about entrusting Lexi's safety to Ethan Lu. After all, this is not a child's play anymore— it's their life on the line. 

"Dad, I told you this because I know you have the right to know more. And, I love Lexi just as much as how desperate I am to live so if I want to protect her, I must keep her close to me. However, moving into your mansion might cause more trouble in the future with my Lu family." As precise as possible, Ethan Lu explained without looking away from Frederick Yang's intimidating gaze. 

Both men stared at one another for a good three minutes without a word. They had their own thoughts running inside their minds as they considered the pros and cons of this setup. 

"Alright..." After considering what he should consider, Frederick Yang let out a heavy sigh as he slightly shook his head. "You don't have to worry about me and Lily. I can guard what's ours at least— it seems like Kong Shuren is a troublesome lad."

From Frederick Yang's perspective, entrusting Lexi's life to Ethan Lu would be better with the guy's vast resources and unknown power he has over the Lu family. If he has been protecting Lexi's life all this time, yet, Lexi's life was still going smoothly and peacefully while Morris Liu is lying on the hospital bed, only meant that Ethan Lu was doing a good job securing his daughter. 

Of course, Frederick Yang must admit that deep within him, a slight ache of a needle pricked his heart for having limited power to single-handedly protect his family. However, pride is the least important issue about the matter, if it would be for the betterment of his daughter's life, then he shall push his pride aside this time. 

"Ethan, prove to me that this risk I am about to take is not a decision I will regret my whole life.... please, son, I am begging you." 

Ethan Lu never dared to look away from Frederick Yang's determined and helpless gaze. Nodding his head once, Ethan Lu shared the same resolution to reassure his father's heart to be at ease. 

"My words are my bond, Dad. I will reassure you that your daughter will retain her normal life without the slightest fear and continue to pursue her career. Thank you for trusting me on this one, Dad. I owe you one big time." 

"No, I am the one in debt to you." Letting out a short chuckle, Frederick Yang could not help but mildly shake his head sideways. 

How could Ethan Lu sound as if an adoptive father reassuring the biological father that he would give his daughter a better life? How silly could this man be?

Regardless, Frederick Yang was moved that Ethan Lu regarded this as the same importance as his... or maybe, he treated this matter with a greater priority than Frederick Yang thought. 

"So, you will pick her up later?"

"Yes, after work."

"Alright... that's settled then." Frederick Yang nodded his head in agreement. 

They still conversed about extra precautions and Ethan Lu offered to give them a hand to watch over his in-laws but was rejected by Frederick Yang. As long as their daughter was safe, Frederick Yang and Lillian Yang would be more at ease. Ethan Lu understood the dignity behind his father-in-law and hence respected it by not pressing on the matter anymore. 


After his long conversation with Frederick Yang, Ethan Lu bid his farewell with his future-in-laws and Lexi was now following behind him to be sent off.  However, Lexi remained silent as she followed behind him as if her mind was wandering somewhere else. 

When they reached Ethan Lu's car, he turned around to face Lexi. Although Lexi was quiet, she was still subconsciously alert enough to notice her surroundings. 

Raising her gaze, Lexi was met by a narrowed pair of eyes, examining her thoroughly— inside and out.

"Why?" Knitting her brows, Lexi tried her hardest to conceal the emptiness she felt while inside her room. She also put on makeup to conceal and hide any traces of the crying she had done earlier, hence, she was uncomfortable being scrutinized by Ethan Lu like this. 

"Are you sad, my love?" Tilting his head to the side, a worried expression plastered across his face. He might not have guessed the fact that Lexi cried but his heart could feel the sadness within her silence. 

"Sad? Why would I be sad?" Professionally chuckling, thanks to her acting history, Lexi sounded natural which could have fooled anyone... but him. 

"Come here..." Sprawling his arms to her, Ethan Lu gently pulled her into his embrace giving her the warmest hug he could offer. "You know you can always rely on me, right? I will appreciate it if for once, you would be vulnerable and depend on me more." Ethan Lu softly whispered as he placed a soft kiss on the top of her head and sniffed the refreshing scent of her soft hair. 

"Thank you..." Upon hearing his comforting words, her heart gradually warmed up as her arms snaked around his waist. 

The pain in her heart that she was currently experiencing reduced but not to the extent of filling up the void that she made only for someone she didn't know of whom it was. Regardless, Lexi felt much better the longer his warmth enveloped her whole existence. 

Again, the thought of having this man with her— she felt thankful. No matter what reason it was that had gotten into her back then to approach this guy, Lexi was grateful that she stepped out of her comfort zone. Leading her to the best man she could ask for.

"I'll see you later?" Slowly, the two lovebirds parted after sharing a long hug and Lexi inquired with a delicate tone. 

"Yup, I'll pick you up later." Meekly smiling, Ethan Lu poked the apex of her nose as he responded. His eyes traveled across her gorgeous front and his smile turned into a frown. 

"I hope the day ends quickly— I don't want to go." He lowly complained as he wanted to spend more time with her and reschedule all his meetings for tomorrow. Also, he knew that something was wrong with her but, Ethan Lu didn't want to probe further since Lexi seemed as if she didn't want to talk about it right at this moment. 

"Tch, this guy..." Clicking her tongue, the corners of her lips curled seeing him acting cute with his adorable puppy eyes.

"Go now... you have to work and I have to prepare my stuff so it will be ready to move in with you." Lexi held him in her arms and without exerting much effort, she dragged the reluctant baby Ethan Lu towards the front of the driver's seat.

"Fine." In a complaining tone, Ethan Lu let out a heavy exhale as he hitched inside the car. Alas, even before starting the car's engine, Ethan Lu rolled down the window and peeked his head out. 

"Kiss!" He demanded as he puckered his lips out. To his dismay, Lexi only grinned as she mischievously stepped back. 

"Later, bye." She said while waving her hand. 

"Not fair!" Frowning, Ethan Lu complained at his heartless girlfriend who wouldn't grace his lips with hers even for a second. Well, if it wasn't for the fact that Lexi would live at his place, Ethan Lu would throw a tantrum like the little cry baby he was. 

"Lexi Yang, laters baby~!" Upon feeling a little better with positivity, Ethan Lu simultaneously raised his brows in an up and down motion, mischievously giving her a knowing look. 

Seeing Lexi rolled her eyes, Ethan Lu chuckled before starting the engine of his vehicle and slowly left the Yang manor.

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